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Saturday, December 12, 2009

3rd and final post of the day..Baptism..and I didn't lie

We finally had Claire baptized, last weekend. First off I had to make sure we had the right church for our family. I kept changing churches trying to like the ones closer to us. I really 'wanted' to like the ones right around the corner from us, but it just didn't feel right to me. But we kept going back to St. Matthews and really like it there. We're catholic and had to attend a little class before we could baptize Claire..when the Deacon told me that we would hold her during the heart panicked....Claire won't let us hold her for any extended period of time...she's two..really did I mention she was two..."it's okay" the Deacon said.."we're used to babies crying during the ceremony"..."no really, did I tell you she was two?!!"

So as you can see in the first was after Mass before the baptism...she's being held by one of her older cousins...looks like she might do okay right...we usually drop Claire off at the nursery for Mass, so when we walked into the church and up to the alter..she said.."wow" I was thinking "please God, let her be good for the ceremony..."
Then we had to hold her...and hold her and hold you can see she didn't like it. Not only did she cry during the ceremony..she squirmed and SCREAMED!!  DURING THE ENTIRE CEREMONY.  See I didn't lie..I looked into the pews and saw our family in tears from laughing so hard..I was up on the alter with a squrimy screaming two year old..sweating..we're passing Claire off to eachother trying to get her to calm down..if you'll notice in one of the pictures..I'm blocking Claire from kicking the Priest...that's gotta be some kind of sin..right?haha....nothing was working..until they actually baptized her...once the holy water was poured over her head she calmed down a bit...but once it was started again..Finally it was over and the Priest gave her her candle...well holy candle that calmed her down...where was that at the beginning...whew...then we had a nice reception for her and as you can see...Claire stripped off her shoes and pantyhoes for the party...
Now friends and are caught up....

Ni Hao...2nd Birthday

Her second birthday was a Kai Lan party. We bought her the smallest dress we could find in Taiwan and it was just fitting her. We knew that if we didn't create an occasion for her to wear it, she would out grow it soon.

If you're wondering about the cake...we ordered a Do*ra cake from Publi*x then asked them NOT to put on the Do*ra figurines on it..then we bought Kai Lan figures and put them on ourselves..I bought some take out boxes from the craft store and printed out pictures and invites from the NickJR website

She of course was spoiled again and had a blast and looked beautiful in her dress.
post 2 done...

OK So I lied...

So I lied...things are a little busy here and I haven't kept I'll try to catch up today

Halloween came and went...Claire was supposed to be a ladybug as her cousin was a bumble bee, but once that ladybug costume went on..the tears started flowing.  I guess the princess wasn't feeling the bug vibe, but felt the fairy wings flapping.