This is our story....of love, life, and adoption

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Not much going on. We went to my nephew's Bday in Orlando. She did great for her first car ride. It was only a couple of hours, but she pretty much just slept. Don't think we'll be able to do much longer then a couple of hours for a while, but she was a trooper.
Poor thing, wanted to play with the big kids.
This was my attempt at my own photo shoot. But everytime I got the camera on Claire she would try and crawl towards me....oh well I think this is cute.
And just because I could...I put my scrunchie in her non existing bangs. Yeah I know....only I think this is cute!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Mommy and Claire...yes I have to take pictures of us myself b/c I'm the picture taker, not Jon.
So she's alllllmost walking. Actually she's free standing. I'm not sure how long it takes for them to go from freestanding to walking, but I'm guessing it's coming soon. Do you see the pure joy on her face!! I love that. She's so proud of herself!!
These are the "action" pictures from my "momma's gotta get a new camera soon" camera.(see post below) This "mode" doesn't allow for a flash, so I had to tweak it so you could see her.
She's so funny, b/c she'll be standing there and then get so excited, start clapping, then fall.
Isn't that just too cute. She has her "bo, bo" shoes on. I'm not sure why Jon calls them that...ummm maybe because they're boy shoes. Seriously. Oh and this weekend he bought her "sports" clothes. Those pictures to come.

Yay~~she's just too proud. We were watching the frisbe dogs and she really enjoyed it.
Notice Jon is fixing her "bo, bo" shoes.....
Awww...and to celebrate we went out to lunch....
isn't she cute(wait...did I say that already?)
I can't believe that we are already on the cusp of walking. She has gone from a quiet little thing that would stay put on a blanket in a hotel almost walking and getting into everything. She is loud, she screams, she laughs like we're the funniest things on this planet.
It's so fun to watch the world through her eyes; To get excited about the simplest things; To find joy in the mundane and to find the greatest in the smallest of accomplishments.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

10 months old

Today Claire is 10 months old. I really don't have any new pictures b/c

1)My camera bites....evidence below
2)My camera bites
3)I did my own little bloggy makeover

I do love love love this picture. Now I just have to fix the lighting and such(ummm Dad...can you do that for me?)
At 10 months old Claire
1)Has 5 teeth, with 3 more coming in
2)eats by the fistful
3)is getting into everything
4)will probably say "no ma'am" as her first expression
5)has stolen her parents hearts like you wouldn't believe

At 10 months old Mommy has learned
1)if you put up a gate, you will fall over it in the middle of the night
2)if you feed your daughter tons of crap...she will cr....well you get the picture
3)When said daughter is sleeping...mommy should be sleeping(still learning this one)
4)No bibs should ever be white....ever..what's the point
5)there is no distinguishing between baby toys and dogs toys...just stop trying

promise more pictures