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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Classic Thanksgiving pictures

(yes I know I'm late on these) You know, when I imagined for all those years what it would be like to have a baby....I always envisioned those classic tales of "things" babies do....

Like face planting during their first Thanksgiving dinner!!

You'll notice that her hand is to her mouth, b/c I think she fell asleep trying to get that last bit of food into her mouth.
..she had noodles stuck to their face(yes we always have traditional Filipino food at all our holidays). But poor little Claire didn't take her nap and after a few bites of Turkey and some noodles...she tried and tried to stay awake...but she just couldn't. What she did do was give me one of those classic moments I always dreamt about!!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

How to....according to Claire

1)If you're thirsty and you can't talk yet...Find nearest supply of fresh clean water...Insert sleeve.

2)Try to be sly about it...if you don't look at Mommy or Daddy, they won't notice...
3)If they do see you, Give them that "what???" look and they'll be forgiving(and maybe grab the camera)
4)Then suck all the water from previously mentioned sleeve..
5)Repeat until thirst is satisfied!!!

and if anyone is thoroughly disgusted by this....the bowl was clean, the water was fresh...and well they must not have dogs!!