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Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm over the CAR DRAMA I am over the whole car situations!!! Now mind you my car is still in the shop being repaired from being rear ended. Seriously I thought Jon was going to have a complete meltdown in the parking lot. We were having a great weekend. My BF was in town, we got to do some scrapbook shopping. We hung out at her parents, did the whole oyster shack thing. Jon and I were relaxing, watching some movies. Decided to catch a flick at the movie theater today. We met up with our friends. Watched a fun movie, had some starbucks, went to our new remember the one....the one that we haven't even made a car payment on yet...when I hear JON yell...."WHAT THE F*!#" And there it is. The side front light is smashed, and theres a 6" scratch on the side. I thought he was going to cry in the parking lot....he started doing that whole pacing thing...that pacing that scares you because you know that at any minute he's going to FREAK!! At first we thought someone hit the car, but then I saw a rock under another parked car. I swear my husband has the worst luck with cars. This is the guy that had someone throw a bowling ball on the roof of his car. He started trying to figure out if he cut someone off or ticked someone off going into the parking lot. But none of that happened. I'm sure it was just some Punk ass kids thinking it was funny. We totally understand that a car is just a material possession and that it really shouldn't upset us. But this is his new car, and it would have been nice to have it nice for a while. At least not to have to fix it before we made the first payment on it. I just feel bad for him. He deserves to have something nice for a while. So tomorrow he's off to the dealership to see what this is going to cost us. With all the money we've been draining Murphy's law should be giving us this referral very soon, wouldn't ya think?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I did NOT wreck the Honda!@**!!

Who was driving?

I was

So you wrecked the honda!!

No!!!! I'm the one who got rear-ended!!

But you were driving!!(as Jon laughs...)

I don't know what it is, but this is the second time in about a year that I have been rear ended while I was stopped, waiting to turn left. I was minding my own business stopped at a light, when WHAM!!!

My first thoughts..."I get to get a new car!!!" But when I got out the damage wasn't enough to warrant me buying a new car. But just for a second, I had visions of shiny new paint and I could smell that new car smell. The jeep that rammed into me is totally without damage, my rear left bumper is pushed out, the trunk is shifted and I cannot open it, the left side panel is damaged too. The pictures look better then it looks in person. No one was hurt. My neck didn't hurt, but now it's a little sore. I wrapped Jon's ice pack around my neck to help, but I doubt there's much wrong. I just thought the picture was funny!!

WHAT A WAY TO END MY CRAZY DAY AT WORK!! OH and if I can blame someone, I think the blame is on Jon. I stopped off at Target after work to buy him some underwear. So all in all I think it's his fault!!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

See what that says!!

We're getting there. Here's to hoping that it can't possibly be too much longer....right?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Drumroll Please!!

When it came down to it, Jon is a Chevy man!! We thought about the four door jeep, but Jon has been wanting a nice truck for forever. (you can click on the pictures to see them bigger/better)
And not only is Jon a Chevy man. He is a big truck man. We had to get not the biggest white boy truck. But a BIG white boy truck we can 4x4 through the dirt and pull a house with.
Here's the cheesy "I got a new truck" look. Now let me just let those that don't know. Jon has as long as I have known him, driven old beat up, cars/trucks, windows don't work with no A.C.
He has been driving in Florida for 2 plus years with no A.C. As an example, we tried to trade in the old blazer(you can kinda see it in the background), the dealership would NOT even take it from us. Seriously we couldn't pay them to take it for us. So that "cheesy" look is well deserved. But we had to get the picture with the sunglasses. This is his "I'm cool you see my new truck?" look.
And for those that think that this maybe wasn't the most practical new vehicle for a couple that has a baby on the way....we made sure you could fit a baby seat in the back!!

I'm super excited for Jon. He's never really had a new vehicle before(I told him that the one that got repo'd doesn't count)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nice while it lasted!!

Yes folks, the idea of our vacation was nice while it lasted, but alas it is no more. We were so close. I could feel the sand between my toes and the sun on my face, but it has bid us adios.

For the third year in a row, Jon and I have to go with out a vacation. It seems that these dark circles under our eyes are much more attractive then a new golden tan. The idea of sleeping in late and sunning on the beach with a crisp cold corona in our hands is a dream of yesterday.

I miss you vacation!!

It seems the universe has other more practical things we have to spend our money on. And to top that off, we've had to dip into our baby account for the down payment. Jon is so nervous about this, because he feels that the minute we pull this money out; you know, all the money we worked our batooties off to save, we will get the "call". We were breathing easier because we had all the adoption expenses saved. But not now. We've been trying to make our cars last another year, just a little bit longer until we got our baby. That was the plan. We didn't need a car payment right now. But that's just not happening. Last night Jon was driving to work, it was pouring down rain, he was going like 20mph thorough what was NOT deep water in the roads when all of a sudden....silence. The car stopped working. He pushed it to a safer place and hiked two miles(b/c he forgot his cell phone) in the pouring rain, in the dark, at night, with no sidewalks to the nearest gas station to call me. The car is still not working, something about sucking water through some air intake valve into the engine that makes this not a good situation. So what we've been trying to avoid has pushed it's way into our lives. Now mind you my car is in the shop. The truck is on it's last leg. So we closed our eyes w/drew the money, got a loan at the bank, nixed our vacation plans, and tomorrow we get to buy a car. So we know it sucks that we have to do this right now, but I also know that Jon is excited that he gets a new vehicle. Tomorrow I shall posts pictures of what our no vacation gets us!!