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Thursday, April 01, 2010


Does is not just amaze you what children can do and figure out in terms of gadgets...
If you go online and type in Toddler will come to a fisher price website that has an abc game...the kids can press anything on the keyboard and it will play a letter and an animal that starts with the letter. Claire loves this and it allows me to cook dinner without parking her in front of the TV. Claire figured it out very easily...loves to play on Mommy's laptop like a big girl..and is learning her alphabet. She's even been trying to sing her ABC's and knows animals like a yak and a urial..
these kids are smart these days

Family days

Okay so the pictures are a little out of order. But this is Claire and her YO GABBA GABBA kite. Jon refused to buy a girlie kite and that was a good thing...b/c
B/c although other peoples kites really captured Claire's attention, her own kite didn't hold much weight. So Claire went to play in the park while Jon and my nephew played with the kite...Actually Jon thouroughly enjoyed the kite and my nephew placated Jon..
And this is Claire's newest venture in the bedroom...she will wedge her little self between the mattress and the footboard of our bed...notice her little cute is that!!