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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A snipet or two

Life is just speeding along...not that you really want to read about it..therefore...the pictures...

We started Claire in gymnastics..she's still young so I have to "participate" in the class with her, which by the way is rather amusing...she doesn't like to stretch, but loves all the jumping and if I'm not quick enough she'll run off in the other direction to jump on this or that. She's starting to listen more in the class, but it's still quite daunting.
The potty training is....going...she's not all that interested in it anymore.  She has three potty's to choose from b/c Mommy was getting frustrated only to learn that she just doesn't want to do it when I ask, but she will sneak off to the bathroom, close the door...LOCK IT..then go, just as long as I haven't asked her.
She did however tell me for the first time yesterday whilst we were out doing errands "Mommy? POTTY" as Mommy had to scramble to find/see if the place even had a toilet.
Her speech is coming along.  I..and I must stress just I believe that she is behind in her speech, not her receptive, b/c she understands all, but her expressive.  The last few weeks though, her speech is really starting to blossom, which helps with her frustration.  But I will tell you the cuss jar is about to enter our household,  She repeated loudly and clearly....the forceful word... "B*S*" just the other day at the dinner table, thanks to Daddy. Not all her speech is clear, but darn nit when she cusses you know was a clear reminder that we have to watch what we say.
She's a tomboy and I love it...she can rock a dress then play in the mud..she has an old car of Jon's that she likes to play with, but just so you know she's still a girl....there's a big purple flower that she added to the hood...NOW that's MY GIRL!!