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Friday, November 24, 2006

Surgery was a success!!

Jon's surgery went well. He tore up his shoulder pretty well. They ended up having to put in a screw and washer which will have to come out in 6-8 weeks. I tried to prepare Jon for the pain, but he just didn't think it would be worse than the actual injury. When he came to, he told me that he really underestimated the pain. Ummm...listen to your wifey honey. He was in a lot of pain when we got home, but by 1 am he said that it was better. They have this "pain pump" that is pumping in local anesthetic every hour. It's pretty neat and I wonder why we don't do this for kids. I still get to be a nurse to him and I get to pull the pain pump tubing out on Saturday(yay!!!) I know......I know.....I have a sick sense of what is exciting. The good thing about Jon having Surgery on Wed. was we didn't have to drive to a thousand different places on Thursday. Everyone just brought us food. Trust me, it was a good deal. But he is doing well and Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and thoughts!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Surgery Today!!

I'm sitting here waiting to leave for Jon's surgery. He's beginning to get a little nervous. I'm already nervous. I know too much. I want to be the nurse in the room. If they could just let me in so that I could personally position him, that would ease my mind. They won't of course. Jon will be in this "beach" chair for his surgery. If they don't position him right, things could be out of wack so to say. I know, I know these people do this all the time. I must relinquish control. We special requested an Anesthesiologist. Do you think I can special request myself to be the nurse in the room. Maybe if I just wear my scrubs in, I could sneak in and act like a student. Then I could be in the room. Then I'll just quietly sneak out after he's positioned properly. Did I mention "properly positioned". Arrr...I hate to not be in control. Wish him LUCK!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

We had our first date!

I forgot to tell you all that on Thursday I finally got to meet Lucia and Camille. Lucia was living in Japan when she and her family adopted Camille from Taiwan. Camille was staying in the same orphanage that we will be adopting from. They moved here several months ago, but this was the first time that we were able to coordinate our schedules to meet. It was so neat to finally meet her after months of "courting" on line. It's always weird and I was a little nervous to meet them. You wonder if you'll have anything to talk about, if the conversation will lag, or if it'll be just terribly awkward. It wasn't at all. When I first saw them I went right up to them and we hugged like old friends, like we'd known eachother for years. Lunch was awesome and the conversation didn't stop. The poor waiter...we camped out for a while. Lucia is so nice and sweet and Camille...just melt my heart. She is such a good baby, didn't cry or fuss once. Of course I didn't even think about it when she wanted some of my soup...I just fed her from MY spoon...oops...I didn't even think that Lucia might find this horrible, tacky, gross, or just unacceptable. Then I gave her chocolate(for the very first time) from my own...gasp...fingers. Thankfully Lucia didn't gasp and was so cool about it. And Camille...well she loves chocolate!! A true girl at heart. I can't wait to spend more time with them.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Please show her some love..

A very dear friend of mine has also been struggling with infertility for 3 years now. She does know that part of the difficulty is PCOS. Since this is not the reason Jon and I have had difficulty my knowledge is limited. She has joined the blogger world to gather info and of course support. I have told her how wonderful my bloggy friends are. If any of you out there has struggled with PCOS please stop by her blog and show her some support. If you know of any friends online with the same problem maybe you could direct them to her site. I know that I rely on my online friends for support on issues that sometimes others don't understand. So please if you know anything about PCOS she would love to hear from you. Her site is Thanks guys

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The deer won

A Jon update: We've been to two doctors and the ER guys were wrong. Jon has a concussion and a Grade III AC joint dislocation. He can do surgery or not, his choice. It will heal-most likely-on its own without surgery, but it will never be the same and it will leave him with a deformity on his left shoulder. If he does do surgery then the repair will be slightly better then not doing anything. So after consulting his Primary Doc he has decided that with the type of work that he does he will do the surgery. If he didn't do the surgery there is always the possibility that he will need surgery at a later date. Regardless his shoulder will-as the doctor put it-"never be as good as what God gave you". So we are just waiting for the surgeons office to get back to us with a surgery date. We remain grateful that it isn't worse. Now I just want you all to know that Jon has always said that I have a horrible bed side manner(to him). But I have been a good little nurse and treated him like Gold and spoiled him rotten. I suppose that it has to continue through his recovery(darnit!!) I made him promise me that he'll be nice during his recovery, b/c I've seen this surgery and it sure doesn't look like it feels good. I've asked Jon if I could scrub in on his surgery.....he gave me a resounding "NO!!" You know I just think he doesn't want me to have any fun. He said that if I were allowed to scrub in, he'd end up with a catheter in his "you know" and tubes elsewhere...all for my sick sense of humor. The sad thing is he's right....It really would be funny, ya know!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

He's being life flighted...

I will tell you as I sit here...Calmer now...Relieved...Thankful...that those words are some of the worst words you can ever hear. Today was the opening of hunting season. Jon was so excited to finally be at a place where he could take a weeks vacation and go out to the woods to hunt. He left yesterday. My father and his father were there. He was supposed to call me on Sunday when everyone else left except him. It was about four thirty when the phone rang and it was my father. My first words were "what's wrong". He tells me not to panic. But Jon was climbing into a tree broke or something and he fell. They're taking him to Shands. Shands is the shock trauma hospital for our area. My father told me that he was okay and that they were just taking him for precautionary reasons, possible c-spine injury. I told him I was on my way. I didn't ask any other questions and high tailed it to Shands. I got to Shands and called his mother to tell her that he wasn't there yet. She told me that he was being life flighted. Now I wasn't really panicked at that point...worried..yes..but not panicked. But after hearing those words "he's being life flighted.." I will tell you every possible c-spine horror story ran through my little nurses brain. I stood outside of the emergency room as the helicopter flew in and landed. My stomach dropped as I saw them wheel him into the emergency room. He was awake and moving as far as I could see from where I was. But you never want to see your loved one being flown into the hospital. We all waited until they allowed us back. They did very shortly and there was my honey in his little neck brace, lying flat, but okay. We just had to wait for him to clear c-scan. He was in a lot of pain and his shoulder was hurt. I've never seen fear in his eyes. I did tonight. I never want to see fear in his eyes again. It's scary. My big strong man as much as he didn't want to admit it was hurt. But thankfully he did clear c-scan. He fell 12-15 feet onto his shoulder and neck. He briefly lost conciousness. He was feeling very weird. He was scared. That scared me. It could've been worse. Thank you God that it wasn't. He fell onto a palmetto bush and ground. He's pretty hurt. His shoulder although not dislocated is hurting him pretty good right now. They think he "separated" a ligament in his shoulder. They say it sometimes heals by itself, but he will have to followed up with orthopedics. I am so very grateful that he isn't hurt worse. He was carrying his rifle as he was climbing into the stand. It was loaded with a bullet in the chamber. But thankfully the safety was still on. Thankfully as he fell, the safety did not get bumped and thankfully the gun didn't discharge. I am thankful for so many things tonight. I am thankful that his injuries are not worse. I am thankful for all the little "coincidences" that kept him safe. He wasn't alone. His father was walking away from him when he heard him fall...the safety was on...he didn't fall directly on his head..I know he was being looked out for tonight. Thank you God!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Number 8..

So when we started this adoption, the average was eight months for a referral. We're here!!!! But alas as you all know, things change. It sucks. I remember when we started 8 months seemed so far off. I couldn't imagine getting to the eight month mark. And now that we're here, well we're talking at least another 4 months(maybe more) until our referral and then we have the court process which can be another 4 or so months until we travel. Now I really can't imagine 8 more months!!! Can you imagine another eight months? What can I talk about for another 8 months!?! I'm not liking this eight number!! But I will try to stay positive...Okay, I'm done trying.... No really, at least we've made it this far and we aren't just starting. So today I will celebrate getting to this eight month mark...and moving on to better things!!