This is our story....of love, life, and adoption

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The cure for jumping fences and a Christmas story

First off, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had a great Christmas season and our celebrations are almost to a close.

When Jon and I were at the height of our infertility drama, we did consider NOT having children. BUT in the end we felt that something would always be missing from our lives. And we felt that if we didn't have children we would be that crazy couple that dresses up their dog and puts her in a stroller to walk her around the block...

ummmm.........after waiting for so long in this adoption, I think we may be loosing it!!!(But we have found that a sweater on our boxer is the ultimate cure for jumping fences, walking, jumping, or going outside at all!!)

Now onto the Christmas story, and it's not the fuzzy love thy neighbor story. It's the story of the type of things that ALWAYS happen to Jon, a can you believe the audacity of people story. .. ..Jon wanted to get a laptop for me for Christmas, but more importantly for our trip to Taiwan. They had a sale at Best buy, but it was never in stock, unless I was with him. He checked again and it was supposed to be in, BUT it wasn't. So they told Jon that 9 were coming in on a truck that night, they gave him a ticket for the laptop and told him to come back in the morning when they open with the ticket and he would be able to get one. Good so far. He goes early in the next morning, ticket in hand, people are camped out(literally) and there were about 40 people in front of him. Everyone's spirits were good, and they all were talking about what item they were going to get. Great. They are in the store now. Then all of a sudden some dude starts trying to grab Jon's hand. He looks at the guys like he's crazy and asks him what he's doing. The guy tries to roll his wrist and pry the ticket out of his hand. By this point Jon is getting upset and asking the guy what he's doing, cursing, telling him you're messing with the wrong guy, dude it's Christmas, you better stop...etc(this is the nice version). A little struggling. Things get heated, the crowd is getting upset, Big Burly Best Buy guard comes out to see what's going on. Then the guy tells security that Jon is trying to steal his ticket. WTF#$!&**!! The people that were around Jon, tell them that the other guy was lying and that Jon had the ticket when he arrived. THEN the guy tries to say that it's a racisit thing. Things are getting heated. Finally Jon asks them if they have this other nonsale laptop. They yell that they do. So Jon tells them, fine I'll get that one and with ticket in one hand shoves it in the guys chest. Well said guy falls backwards into a shelf of DVD's that falls into another shelf.(He did not intentionally try to push the guy down) The crowd claps, but then realizes that this guy really shouldn't get the ticket. It's getting more heated. Jon pays for the laptop and is escorted by security out of Best Buy. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT someone tried to steal his ticket!! Now in earlier days it would not have ended there. And Jon probably would have been escorted to places other then the parking lot. BUT he knew that he had to think about our child. We are so close to our referral and he had to think about the adoption. But in the recesseses of my mind I wish Jon just would've pelted the guy!! I seriously think many many people have really lost the true meaning of Christmas. The good news is that we now have a very sweet laptop and when we travel to Taiwan we will have the means to post pictures and keep all our loved ones updated!! I hope your Christmas was wonderful and you didn't run into any mean people!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Birthday Surprise

It started out like this......
"why do I have to put a blindfold on?"
"'s a surprise and I don't want you to know before we get there"
"uhhhh, Aunt Ann, seriously?"
This is my youngest nephew. He shares an intense love of animals just like me. So when I saw that he loved horses, just as much as I did/do...I thought that a great birthday surprise, would be his very first horseback trail ride.

He was very excited although I think at 10, he tried not to "look" so excited. This is PRINCE, my nephews very first on your own horse ride. We did an hour ride around the ranch, in fields, and through the woods. Pretty cool ride. And I must say he did well controlling his horse for the first time.

And although I hate pictures of myself I love this picture of us. Notice that out of solidarity I too wore a helmet. Jon told me I had to b/c I now have something to live for. Apparently before I didn't, but now he told me..."it's like your pregnat, we have a baby on the way..wear the helmet."

We had a great time and I was so excited I couldn't sleep last night. I'm so happy that I was able to share this experience with him. Happy Birthday Nephew!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

TWO - ONE, TWENTY ONE months done!!!

Raise a drink my friends, we're finally twenty one!! Yes, another month has come and gone on the waiting list, but the thing that's different this month is that we actually have something in the house for baby. As you all know, we have not bought one pacificers, no toys, no clothes, no furniture. And we have done really well. I actually begged Jon to buy something small for baby this Christmas. BUt he said no. Leave it to us to actually listen to my Mom about something, but why we chose to listen about superstitions and bad luck I don't have a clue. BUT...we have stuck by it and won't buy anything until we get that call.....

BUT....we didn't buy this. This is baby's first Gator from our friends, here. I swear I almost cried when I opened the package, because seriously this is our baby's first toy!! Not a toy we had and are passing down, but OUR BABY'S very first, brand spankin' new, giggles when you press the toe, toy!!! Our baby's first Gator...GO GATORS!! And he's sitting in Jon's Great Grandmother's rocking chair, just waiting for him. I can't wait. 21 months done, bring that referral on!!!