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Monday, November 15, 2010

3 years old

Can you believe that our little girl is 3 years old....My how time flies...
I know that I am wayyyyyyy overdue at updating this blog.  So this will be quick and I'll add more pics later this week or next.

This is her "3 year old" pic..from a quick, get the shot photos at the park..Claire was super excited about her birthday party.  For weeks she would sing Happy birthday to cute.  She had a Dora birthday party and all she asked for was a bumble bee pillow pet...well she got it along with a basketball hoop from her Mommy and Daddy.  I have super cute pics of her playing ball in her party dress.  She is a very energetic child who no longer takes naps..unless she passes out from sheer exhaustion.  It's hard for us because she runs at 90 miles per hour until bedtime.  I am not exaggerating. Really I'm not.  I'm not sure where she gets the energy.  She is potty trained except at night..and lately there are several nights a week when she is dry.  She can count to twenty and sings songs we have never taught her...She loves to play outside, play with doll houses and we've introduced her to board games.  We finally introduced her to Dis*ney movies..her first one is The Little Mer*maid...she tells me it has a scary shark...not the effect we had hoped.  But I will say trying to imagine it through a 3 year olds eyes it does look scary.  She is however infatuated with Annie the movie. 

For Halloween Claire didn't want a costume...we told her that that's not how it worked.  She practiced trick or treating for a month, but wouldn't choose a costume.  On try number three after we looked at every costume..we thought we would just have to pick one for her...when I asked about a was cute) they have a girl pirate..........ARGGHHHHH...and the costume was chosen...phew....and it was adorable....This is Claire with her cousin and although I had to work that night(ugghhhh) Jon tells me they had a blast....