This is our story....of love, life, and adoption

Sunday, September 30, 2007

File, File, and refile

Okay, so some snipets from this weekend:

*Our I171h refile, will be in the mail tomorrow. I'm getting pretty good at paperwork. We requested the "one time, no charge extension of our I171h." I'll let you know if they let us do it.
*This should be the last of our paperwork til we know of our little man(I hope I don't eat those words)

*Not only am I not 19, I am not 10. Went to a birthday party at pump it up.....took my nephew....and well.....I'm not a stand on the sidelines kinda Aunt. My back is ailing again. But I smoked him on the obstacle course(yes I am bragging about beating a 10 year old!!)

*Jon on the other hand is 10. He scared the doodles outa my nephew on the gocarts. My nephew told me that Jon was running kids off the track and making them spin out!!

*Much to my sisters dismay...I have introduced the nephew to the Starbucks frappaccino

*Camp is set for hunting season.(I supervised)
*Let's all say a collective prayer that Jon doesn't get life flighted out of the woods this year!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So here are the STATS...

I emailed our agency today with a few questions.....

It seems that there have only been 5 referrals in the last 9 months. Which means a referral about every OTHER month. There are still three families ahead of us, two asking for infants(0ne family a girl and the other family either gender) The other couple is asking for either gender 0-4 years old.

Now IF the three families go before us and the referrals follow the list, then we are looking at APRIL!@!! Did you hear that?

In case you didn't let me repeat that for you.....APRIL!!!!!!

BUT if the referrals fall out of line and families after us get a referral before us, on the third month of the new year, when the moon is in the 12th night, then it could be after that. Or if the 10th star to the right of Venus, at the second moon of Jupiter has an eclipse before the fourth night of the second quarter of 2008, then I'm going to SCREAM!!!

Okay so you get it. IT's going to be a long time, with no way to predict when this is all going to come to a glorious end!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Taiwan the making

Bear with me as I learn about the camera, uploading, and editing. It only took me two hours to figure out where the connection on the camera was(I'm not kidding!!) In this thing called adoption you must maintain a sense of humor. To Jon, thanks for being a great sport and allowing me to publish this to the world wide web. I love you honey. This video is for your viewing pleasure. Come, enjoy, learn about our little treasure in the making...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Remeber how I said....

....I was a jet ski champ.
....not so much. Please remind me that I am not 19 years old anymore.

I went back to work with a little back pain. By the end of the week it was worse. We drove down to Orlando for our "other" nephews birthday.

...and by Saturday night...
walking was a luxury.... Sunday, it remained a luxury.

Which brought me to...

*a call in on Monday(I HATE calling in)
*a doctors visit
*a shot in my junk
*a readjustment(which scares me every time he does it)
*a tongue lashing about my back exercises
*a "reminder" that I have NO muscle tone(which I should) to support my back
*mandatory exercise(!!!!!)
*AND...a calling out in front of my mother in law(who manages the office)!!!which went like this....."Tell Mrs.(Mother in law) what your physical therapist told you"

.....(head hung low)" do my back exercises"

..."and have you been doing your back exercises"

now I'm thinking to myself...doesn't jet skiing count as some form of exercise and technically I was obviously working out my back or it wouldn't have been hurting....
"no, I haven't been doing my back exercises"

I getcha doc, I gethca.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

6 years married...who whuda thunk it!!

So another year has passed and we are again celebrating our Anniversary. Last year I said it would be our last Anniversary before our little one gets here. I won't say that again.....but I can hope it.

You all know that we got married in Maui and so I've posted another wedding picture. This is one of my favorites!! We're hoping to go back for our 10 year Anniversary with a little one in tow and stay at the same place and take some family pictures in the gazebo that we got married in.

So instead of proclaiming that this will be our LAST anniversary sans child....I just want to say Thank You to all our family and friends near and far who have wholeheartedly supported us no matter what. I want to say Thank You for standing by us, for rooting for us, for lighting a candle, saying the rosary, praying for us. I want to say Thank You for hoping for us when we didn't have hope, for carrying our faith when we didn't feel we had any, for the shoulders we cried on...

I want to say Thank you for Celebrating with us each minute step in this long and drawn out process. And although I won't say that this will be our last anniversary I will CLAIM that this coming year is going to bring us all a lot to Celebrate and be thankful for!!!

There...I claimed it!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Did you want pictures?

(click on the captions box above)

First off I must explain the lesion on my face in some of the pictures. I haven't gotten a cold sore in 8 what do you think pops up on our first night. Jokes on me. Not only was I so bloated that we almost had to cut off my ring, I got a HUGE herpetic lesion on my face. And I don't get a little fever blister on my lip, I get a volcano running down my face...seriously. Try feeling sexy for your hubby when you're bloated and you have this lesion on your face. I just sat in the mirror thinking to myself..."you have got to be kidding!!!" I kept shoving my face at Jon asking "can you see it"
"no honey, it's barely noticeable"
He lied, I know, but that's love.

Destin is absolutely beautiful. The water is crystal clear blue green. They describe the beach as "sugar sanded" and they aren't lying. The sand is white as can be and feels like a handful of sugar. We will definitely go back with our little one...when he gets here.

Our days consisted of swimming in the pool, hanging on the beach, eating of course, swimming in the pool, nap from 3-5, snorkeling on the beach, the pool get the picture.

We rented jet skis which seemed like a great idea. We forgot how much fun they were and were asking ourselves why we don't have ours anymore. We had a blast jumping the jet skis. In my mind I was a jet ski champ...and Jon too. We took control like we owned the ocean...
We paid for it later. My back is killing me and Jon's shoulder reminded him that it hasn't been a year since the accident. But we were fierce!!

We got out on the go cart track. Yes this was a first for me. Again Jon was floored that I hadn't done this before. Jon raced past me as I cautiously eased the go cart out. Little kids were racing by me as I maneuvered the little machine. I did get the hang of it and raced around like the champion that I am. But I came in last. I felt like such a looser. But the next time, I'll take him!!

We did some snorkeling. The water is soooooo clear. You can see like 15 feet down. Now I don't really have a fear of the ocean. We're both pretty strong swimmers and I really don't fear that a shark is going to just swim up to me and say hi. BUT when the water is that clear you see everything..ignorance is bliss I say. I CANNOT hang with the jelly fish. I just can't. Jon was way out and I was following, but then I saw one. So I would swim the other way, then I would be minding my own business and then BAM, right in front of get the picture. So finally I just took off the mask and swam in ignorance.

The dolphins were right off shore several times which I love. If it weren't for the jellyfish I would've been right out there with Flipper and his friends.

We had a blast and for a moment we were just a couple on vacation celebrating 6 years of marriage. We weren't an infertile couple, we weren't perspective adoptive parents, we weren't waiting for anything, and we definitely weren't a couple that have been on a waiting list for 18 months. We just were......It was awesome!!


We're back from vacation. It went by very quickly. I will upload photos a little later today and post some. It'll take a bit to figure out the video stuff though. But I had to post a quick post to mark 18 months on the waiting list. I can't believe it's been 18 months, but I guess we're getting there. Been wondering if he's actually born yet. I'm over the wait and there seems to be no end in sight. Anyways....later today I'll tell you all about it and post some pics....til then......we made it to 18 months!!!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's official....

But now we just have to wait to leave or they won't let us in the door. We still have to pack, but can't leave for a couple more hours.
Poor surgeons yesterday got a countdown of how long they had til I went on vacation. I kept telling them they had to finish because my vacation started in 3 hours, then 1 hour, then 15 minutes. There was no pressure for the resident to close incision, I wasn't breathing down his neck, watching every painstakingly slow stitch. No I didn't. I wasn't turning off the OR lights before he had dressing on. I DID NOT clean up the room and disconnect everything before the official surgery was over. I would NOT do that!!!
Okay, maybe I did, just a little. But darnit they were running behind and it wasn't my fault.
All the batteries are charged, got a new memory card for the camera. We can now take more then 8 pictures at a time, finally. The video camera is set although we don't know how to use it. Jon's about to get us coffee. He is being a little mean and says he won't swim near me in the ocean, lest I attract sharks. Give you two guesses to what that means. Why does that always happen on vacation. I swear God has a wicked sense of humor!!!
Anyways.....gotta pack!!!