This is our story....of love, life, and adoption

Monday, June 25, 2007


We should all get this and stick it on our foreheads!!

Hubby can be such a rock. We're talking about the wait. Now normally Jon always tacks on several months(years) to any story he's telling. But when it comes to the expected wait he inevitably always subtracts like 6 months. Then I have to correct him.

his response: you never know

me: But Jon, what if we get to 24 months and they tell us it's going to be another year

Jon: Then we'll wait

me: But...

Jon: We wait. We will get this child. If we have to wait, we wait.

And if ever I needed a reminder as to why I love my hubby. This conversation was it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's coming to that time...

Saving money comes hand in hand with trying to start a family. And NO vacations comes with trying to save money. Two years ago we nixed our vacation to save for IVF. We didn't try IVF. Instead we started the adoption. Then last year we went sans vacation again because we were saving for the adoption(notice a trend?)

This year we have been getting it from both mothers that we work too much and need to take time off. And since baby isn't coming this year we decided that come hell or high water we ARE going on a vacation.

I think we've decided on the Bahamas....(yay!!!!) But neither one of us has been there and don't even know where to start looking. Which island do we go to? So I'm soliciting ideas from all my bloggy friends out there. Where do we go to make it a memorable vacation, a vacation worth not having been on a vacation in two years. A vacation to mark our last Anniversary before our baby comes home(I know, I know I said this last year!!) Oh and a vacation that won't break the bank...we are still adopting ya know.

Let the ideas flow.....

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dear Lord, we may need to clarify our prayers...

I know that we've been praying very hard to be chosen to be parents. And I know that we didn't specify gender, age, or many other things. We even asked for as young as possible. I guess we never thought to specify species. And we are very grateful that you trust us with any of your creatures. But do you think that next time you choose us, it could be a human orphan?


Jon and Ann

Okay, so here's the story:

It's 4 am Sat. Jon rushes into the bedroom, where by the way I am sound asleep because I DO NOT work nights.

Ann, there's a dead baby duck in our garage, I need your help

huh, how did a baby duck get into our garage

I don't know, just come help

what do you need my help for, if it's dead, take care of it, by the way what day is it, do I need to go to work

It's, come help me

I don't want to help

come help!!

the scene: a little tiny fluffy baby duck is laying in our garage on it's back!!

I don't think it's alive Jon

That's what I said

well get a rag and pick it up

OMG, it's not dead it's alive, it's just sleeping

I didn't know ducks sleep on their backs, Is it hurt

no, I don't think so

What do we do?

Find it's Mother

--so we proceed to look in our neighbors bushes with a flashlight at 4 am(where we knew there was a nest) meanwhile, big bad black cat is waiting nearby as little baby duck is chirping for it's Mommy. The nest was there, eggs hatched, no other baby ducks and NO Momma duck.

We can't leave it

What do we do?
Go get a shoebox

What do we do with it?

--so for the next hour we search on the Internet on what to do with this baby duck. We couldn't find Momma Duck and big black cat was just waiting for us to leave it in the yard. We put it in the shoebox and tried to sleep.

2 hours later, Jon couldn't sleep so he went down to the pond to try and find Momma duck. No Momma duck to be found, Momma Goose is out there, but no Momma duck. He looked high and low knowing she must be around there somewhere. But he couldn't find her. Little Jeeter(yes we named him) was pretty stressed, we couldn't get him to drink anything and he was starting to shiver despite the massive heat outside.

Anyhow, after many phone calls we found a wildlife rescue and "dropped" off little "Jeeter".
But they weren't there yet. So we had to go back to make sure he was going to be taken care of.

Isn't that just the sweetest thing. I told the lady there that I didn't know that ducks slept on their backs. Her response: they don't, that was a major stress sign. They were able to get him to take some water and she said she would keep in touch with us to let us know how he's doing. They'll rehab him, make sure he can find food on his own, then release him when he's old enough.

He was sooooo sweet. Jon would talk to him in a daffy duck voice and and he would go straight to him. Trust me when I say, that we almost had a new pet!!

Oh and today marks 15 months on the waiting list!!

Friday, June 08, 2007


I hate rumors because they usually end up being true. This really sucks. The new rumor: the wait will be 18-24 plus. This sucks!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Patience rewarded!!

Okay so maybe not the news you've been waiting for, but I's gotta talk about something, right?

3 years ago, Jon and I bought two sticks at the opening of the beaches. Seriously they were just sticks. I won't mention why on earth we would pay money for sticks but we did and well that's a whole 'nother story. Anyhow we put them in the pots where the people told us we would get Hawaiian Lei flowers. RIGHT!!

Now don't get me wrong we did get leaves, but no flowers....for three years. Then all of a sudden, this year...beautiful Plumeria flowers. See I have patience. Okay I really didn't do anything and I'm surprised the darn sticks did anything, but now I will spoil my little blooms with care.

On another note we rec'd our updated I171H in the mail today. We won't mention that Jon and I are now adopting from Tiawan(please tell me where that is and if their waiting list is shorter). And I guess now I'm doing the whole hyphenated name thingy. Whatever...we have to update the form anyways. I'll see if the agency thinks this will be a problem?!?