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Thursday, March 30, 2006

We have passports

We finally got our passports in our hot little hands!! I know it doesn't seem that exciting to most, but that's one more thing we don't have to worry about. And of course we have to show you a picture.

Can you solve these crimes?

Evidence: Chewed wire: unknown origin.
Chewed toy basket, toys missing.
Chewed dinning room carpet.

Suspects: Sawyer, golden brown, black tail, ethnincity unknown. 9 months old. Known to be laid back and playful. Beware: good looks and charm can be deceiving. Can be lured with any food source.

Skylar, boxer, flashy brindle, docked tail. 2 1/2 years old. Known to be energetic and quite the flirt. Beware: likes to give kisses to the unsuspecting, a known flight risk-can clear tall fences.

Any information regarding these crimes will be rewarded!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006


Spent an hour and a half at the immigration office today, or now as it's called the Office of Homeland Security. Got our fingerprints done. It's all sorts of high tech now. No more black ink rolling our prints onto a sheet of paper. It's all computerized. You roll your fingers on a little piece of glass and then it goes into the data base. No hiding now, we're logged in. I kept getting a "match warning" message. What does that mean? Does some other criminal have prints close to mine? That's gonna be a little hard to explain to our adoption agency. We're trying to get a baby here, no "match warnings" allowed. I ask the lady what that means...she doesn't know...but tells me it's okay...okay? Oh it better be okay. Nice work Homeland security!
Anyways, this constitues our FBI background check and then when all the paperwork is done, we'll get advanced approval to bring an orphan into the US. more thing checked off. Once we get our passports(due any day now) and this immigration form, we'll fax it to our adoption agency and continue the wait..

Monday, March 20, 2006

Cathwel link

I've added a few links to the right side...the first one is the link to the orphanage that we will be adopting from. So many have asked me questions about the orphanage so here you can learn all about the orphanage,what they do and their history. Have a great night all..

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It's only been a week?!?

So I've been trying this waiting thing and thinking that I'm doing really well...until that is.. I realize that I've only been waiting a week!!! What do you mean I've only been waiting a week? It's been A LOT longer than a week, two maybe ,three at least!!! A month I know...I know that I've been waiting a month. Then Jon tells me "no sweetie, it's only been a week". So potentially I could have 51 more weeks. It's going to be a long waiting game.....

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Aren't friends Great?!?

Aren't friends great? We rec'd our two first baby gifts!!I'm so exicited. Some dear friends of ours the Kanobroski's gave us a childrens book Happy Adoption Day. Of course I cried when I read it..."Oh who would have guessed? Who could have seen? Who could have possible known? All these roads we have traveled, the places we've been would have finally taken us home?...And all of a sudden this family was born. Oh, happy Adoption Day!" It's so sweet. Then another dear friend of our the Tuckers gave us a book Everything for Baby. She knows that I love crafts and making things. This book has dozens of handcrafted projects, like embroidered bibs, blankets, and bottle covers. It's so cool. She said it was so I would have something to make, during "the wait". Aren't friends GREAT!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

We're waiting!!!!

As you all know Jon and I have started the adoption process to adopt a baby from Taiwan. We've had a busy 2 months gathering documents, homestudies, and gathering more documents. We've done really well and finished our homestudy in less than two months. A couple weeks ago, I went to Orlando where my closest friend Jen, helped me prepare the birthfamily photoalbum. We've mailed off our immigration forms, and are now waiting to rec'v our appointment to get fingerprinted(yipee!!). Our album was sent to Taiwan and we just rec'd word that the orphanage-Cathwel- has rec'd it and we are now officially "waiting". In the adoption world we are now considered "paper pregnant". Whew!!! I thought I'd never be pregnant. So we're pretty stoked and we can now hurry up and wait. The whole waiting for a referrel itself thing will take anywhere from 6-12 months so we have a lot of waiting to do. I' m not so good with the patience thing, so I guess this is where I'm gonna learn that. I'll keep this blog so everyone can keep up with what's going on with the adoption. I'm sure I'll be posting a bunch of other stuff too. Eventually we'll be able to post picture of our little treasure in Taiwan.