This is our story....of love, life, and adoption

Friday, April 21, 2006

live with intention

Jon says I don't have any good pictures of him on our blog. So here is a layout I did of us right before our first helicopter ride. He looks like a man's man here, right? Notice the little yellow thing around our waists. This was our parachute or something that was supposed to help if the helicopter went down. Do you see how little it was, I'm not too convinced it would've helped.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

some scrapbooking Lo's

I really have nothing to post about, but I feel like I need to write something since I haven't posted in a while. Jen, got me back into scrapping when she helped me with the birthmother album. Boy, did she really get me back into things, she even gave me some stuff to get restarted. She's unleashed a fanatic. Since I have nothing to fill my days as I wait for our baby, I figured I would catch up on all our photos. Note: I'm still working on our honeymoon which was almost five years ago. So I have that to do, our actual wedding pictures, and a couple of vacations to scrap. That should keep me occupied until our little one gets here. I have to catch up b/c once the baby is here I'll have a slew of other pictures to scrap I'm sure. So here are a couple. I'm not very good yet, but I'll get there.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

one month down..heh!

So I've waited until after midnight so I could officially say that we have made it through our first month of waiting. One month down...heh heh wasn't too bad...well maybe just a little...well a little worse than a little...kinda a little...did time slow that last really...THAT WAS THE LOOOONGEST MONTH ...EVER!!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Night shift widow

Yes people I am a night shift widow. When I get home from work, I have to be stealth like so as not to wake the sleeping husband. Diligently working around the house...well not actually working, but that's what I tell him. It's more like hanging out on the computer or scrapping. But, then the magical hour approaches when I get to wake up the elusive sleeping prince. Quietly I approach him, but I must not do it too quickly or I risk a bear like reaction. Softly, almost whisper like.. "Honey? OHHHHH Honey....It's time to get up...time to go to work". If I have done my job correctly, I might get a sweet " alright, I'm up" If not done correctly the big bad bear rears his ugly head "What!?! it's not time yet! I heard you already!!" But most days this princess has done her job right, and gets to spend a magical hour with her prince. Then off to work he goes and I again becomes a night shift widow....

Saturday, April 01, 2006

32 Reflections for 32 years...

32 YeARs!!! Happy Birthday to Me!!
  1. I have earned my 32 years
  2. I have learned to love me...faults and all
  3. Everything happens as it is supposed to
  4. I cannot control everything..although I try
  5. I am often wrong(don't tell Jon)
  6. I am more often right(had to put that)
  7. I am totally in love with my husband
  8. Marriage is hard
  9. But marriage is soooo worth it
  10. My family comes above all else
  11. Sacrifice...for anything you truly want
  12. I don't have patience..although I seek it
  13. I am a true worrier
  14. My heart is softer than I show others
  15. I am truly shy although others don't see it
  16. I used to be afraid of my own voice
  17. I often speak before thinking
  18. I honestly believe in my abilities in life
  19. I fight for what I believe in
  20. I truly believe in God and his hand in my life everyday
  21. I love that I work with children everyday
  22. I have made mistakes
  23. I am very hard on me
  24. I am learning to compromise
  25. I am learning to slow down
  26. I hate to shop
  27. I love my dogs
  28. I don't lie about my age...I embrace it
  29. I thought I would have children by now
  30. I know I'll be a great parent
  31. The next year will change my life
  32. In the next year I WILL become a MOMMY!!!