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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dear Lord, we may need to clarify our prayers...

I know that we've been praying very hard to be chosen to be parents. And I know that we didn't specify gender, age, or many other things. We even asked for as young as possible. I guess we never thought to specify species. And we are very grateful that you trust us with any of your creatures. But do you think that next time you choose us, it could be a human orphan?


Jon and Ann

Okay, so here's the story:

It's 4 am Sat. Jon rushes into the bedroom, where by the way I am sound asleep because I DO NOT work nights.

Ann, there's a dead baby duck in our garage, I need your help

huh, how did a baby duck get into our garage

I don't know, just come help

what do you need my help for, if it's dead, take care of it, by the way what day is it, do I need to go to work

It's, come help me

I don't want to help

come help!!

the scene: a little tiny fluffy baby duck is laying in our garage on it's back!!

I don't think it's alive Jon

That's what I said

well get a rag and pick it up

OMG, it's not dead it's alive, it's just sleeping

I didn't know ducks sleep on their backs, Is it hurt

no, I don't think so

What do we do?

Find it's Mother

--so we proceed to look in our neighbors bushes with a flashlight at 4 am(where we knew there was a nest) meanwhile, big bad black cat is waiting nearby as little baby duck is chirping for it's Mommy. The nest was there, eggs hatched, no other baby ducks and NO Momma duck.

We can't leave it

What do we do?
Go get a shoebox

What do we do with it?

--so for the next hour we search on the Internet on what to do with this baby duck. We couldn't find Momma Duck and big black cat was just waiting for us to leave it in the yard. We put it in the shoebox and tried to sleep.

2 hours later, Jon couldn't sleep so he went down to the pond to try and find Momma duck. No Momma duck to be found, Momma Goose is out there, but no Momma duck. He looked high and low knowing she must be around there somewhere. But he couldn't find her. Little Jeeter(yes we named him) was pretty stressed, we couldn't get him to drink anything and he was starting to shiver despite the massive heat outside.

Anyhow, after many phone calls we found a wildlife rescue and "dropped" off little "Jeeter".
But they weren't there yet. So we had to go back to make sure he was going to be taken care of.

Isn't that just the sweetest thing. I told the lady there that I didn't know that ducks slept on their backs. Her response: they don't, that was a major stress sign. They were able to get him to take some water and she said she would keep in touch with us to let us know how he's doing. They'll rehab him, make sure he can find food on his own, then release him when he's old enough.

He was sooooo sweet. Jon would talk to him in a daffy duck voice and and he would go straight to him. Trust me when I say, that we almost had a new pet!!

Oh and today marks 15 months on the waiting list!!


eggrolls and chopsticks said...

I know the stroy wasn't really funny but I am ROTFLMAO. Something about and the Daffy Duck voice just quacked me up.

Miss Cleo said...

I am nuts but I would have kept the duck. Cute!

C.J. said...

Oh wow...I'm the duck freak and I've been thinking of you. Perhaps it is some kind of karma.

I hope Jeeter does not sleep on his back again!

Sherry said...

I think you need to add this to your mailed/ TECO approved dossier. LOL! You guys will be awesome parents! Now b/c of you that duck will go on...LOL!

marina said...

Oh what a sweet baby duck! It would be hard not to keep him.

Doris & Dan said...

What a way to mark your 15 months!

You two are so sweet for caring and going to such lengths for the ducky.

Keep smilin!

TaiwanMommy said...

i think maybe the duck was a sign...


island girl said...'s a sign!

redmaryjanes said...

Congratulations on 15 months! That little duck is just darling, I hope that he's ok.

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

What a sweet baby and Happy 15 to ya. I'll bet he's a sign too.Somebody wanted to remind you that your baby is out there. You guys are going to be such wonderful parents :)

Legaleagle said...

Love the letter to the Big Man! That is so sweet that you rescued the duck! I got my duck on Saturday and he's adorable -- ask Jen to show you pictures. If you are ever in need of a duck fix, you're welcome to borrow mine.

Sarah k said...

Cute duck!!! No really, this has to happen soon! I am dieing for you to get some news here..

Tisra said...

FIFTEEN MONTHS! Moving along! As with everyone else- I will be celebrating with you when you get some news! (Its got to be soon!)

waiting for referral since April 2007, Taiwan

malou said...

Aww, the duck is so cute, I agree this is a sign of more good things to come!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome Mommy and Daddy you two are going to be! God knows who the caretakers are and you 2 definitely are. Fingers crossed for this referral to come soon!


Anonymous said...

Ann - what a wonderful story about your baby duck. Your husband sounds like a jewel. Your baby duck is a cutie. Amazing that it is now at 15 months for you - my thought remain with you all the time. Your blog is a joy to follow.


Dannye said...

how sad but sweet all at the same time....and what a darling baby duck...and the daffy duck part made me laugh!! A story with lots of emotions....

congrats on the 15 months!!

Legaleagle said...

My duck was sitting in my lap when I checked to see if you updated your blog. When I scrolled down to the picture, he started chirping very loudly and nibbling on my fingers! It was very cute!