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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Birthday Surprise

It started out like this......
"why do I have to put a blindfold on?"
"'s a surprise and I don't want you to know before we get there"
"uhhhh, Aunt Ann, seriously?"
This is my youngest nephew. He shares an intense love of animals just like me. So when I saw that he loved horses, just as much as I did/do...I thought that a great birthday surprise, would be his very first horseback trail ride.

He was very excited although I think at 10, he tried not to "look" so excited. This is PRINCE, my nephews very first on your own horse ride. We did an hour ride around the ranch, in fields, and through the woods. Pretty cool ride. And I must say he did well controlling his horse for the first time.

And although I hate pictures of myself I love this picture of us. Notice that out of solidarity I too wore a helmet. Jon told me I had to b/c I now have something to live for. Apparently before I didn't, but now he told me..."it's like your pregnat, we have a baby on the way..wear the helmet."

We had a great time and I was so excited I couldn't sleep last night. I'm so happy that I was able to share this experience with him. Happy Birthday Nephew!!


Tisra said...

What a sweet Auntie you are! I'm an adult and I'd love to go- what a cool gift! You're going to make an awesome mommy, and Jon is right, you're expecting and you HAVE to take care of yourself. Someone is depending on you to be around for a very long time. I hope you get to find out who your little "someone" is very soon!!!!

Rebecca said...

Hee hee!! I had to smile about the helmet story. It's so true though!!!

What a treat you gave your nephew on his birthday - that is such a cute picture of the two of you. :)

Sending happy vibes for a holiday referral!


Chairman Mom said...

Something to live for! Heh heh-- the things kids will say!

But, seriously, what a GREAT thing for you to do for him. (And not just because I never outgrew the love of horses, myself...)

You rock.


Anonymous said...

you are too cool!

Tish said...

what a great surprise! how thoughtful of you...and great pictures too!

Debz said...

You are such a cool aunt! What a great surprise. Happy Birthday to your nephew!

Ps. Happy belated 21 months..

Sherry said...

Thats a neat B-Day present. I totally thought the blind-fold was to mess with him? LOL! Your such a good mama in trainin.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

You have to be the coolest Auntie EVER. And Jon is right, you have to be more careful now.....and that is coming frm a man who got medi vacked!

4Bussells said...

What a lucky nephew. And a very thoughtful gift. I give it up to anyone willing to get on a horse :). Happy belated to your nephew!

NikkiNix said...

That's sooo cool!!! And "go Jon, go Jon!!"

Sarah k said...

Jon's comments made me cry hon. That was too sweet! You do have something to live for.. a sweet little something and a fairly large sweet something...right Jon? I can't wait for you to get pictures and news already!