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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Don't you just wish that after all this time I would have some news for you all. Well I don't.

Been tired...tired of waiting and tired of the effects of all this infertility-waiting-adoption saga on our lives. Had to take a quick break, get over it, move on. DONE!!

So what have I been up to...

-Been working out, hard 4-5 days a week. The results. I have gained 6 pounds. I don't buy the muscle theory, nor do I buy the clothes fitting theory, because the scale is rising and my clothes are tighter then they were when I started.

-On the other hand, I am sleeping much better. I do honestly feel better, so I will give it some more time before I take other measures.

-Tried knitting. That sucked. Gave up knitting.

-Fell in love with one of my patients. I wish I could share pictures and the whole story, but let me just say that my heart was stolen. I am seriously considering pediatric oncology(when that is, a change in jobs wouldn't cost me money and paperwork)

-I'm a geek and looking forward to LOST tomorrow. Seriously please do NOT call me tomorrow during LOST. I will be mean.

-Seen on a church sign: HOPE: praying for rain.....FAITH: carrying an umbrella. So I decided it was time I carried my umbrella and started making something for OUR baby. Crocheting though not knitting...knititing is hard.

--Trying very hard to continue to carry my umbrella.


Tisra said...

Considering how long it takes to knit or crochet's about time you got started. Speaking in faith- you may not even finish before baby comes home!

I do feel like a bit of a shmuck, though, since I was never any help gathering tips for knitting for you and Rebecca. I'll still do it, but you've already moved on, haven't you? :-( If you give it another go, a good online resource with free how-to video is

Can't wait to see what you crochet. For me, crochet is daunting and I'm a tad bit afraid of it.

waiting for referral

taiwanbaby said...

dont' give up on the knitting. take a class at a local shop. there are sooooooooo many cute things to knit. start with hats. I never could figure out crocheting. the patterns are a million words long. get a really cute umbrella and maybe some cute matching rainboots. splash those waiting puddles away.

Annie said...

I'm glad your "back" in the blogging world. I've been praying for you. Keep that umbrella in hand, you never know when it might rain! :)

Craig, Judy, and Andrew said...


Hang in there and don't lose hope!

BTW - I love the blog re-design.

- Judy K.

Tracey said...

Great post Ann! I'm praying for rain!

Tracey H.

marina said...

Yes an umbrella is never a bad idea. But soon you won't need one - your referral has to be soon!

Rebecca said...

Keep the faith, girlfriend!!!

Praying for you,

redmaryjanes said...

You are next in line right? Just hang in there, it won't be much longer. : )

TaiwanMommy said...

Personally, I'm putting on my raincoat, just for you.

Love you-

Sherry said...

Hang in there lady! Your destined to have a rain shower real soon... oh and hopefully a ref too:)

Kobi & I are thinking of ya:)

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Come on, referral, come on!

Tish said...

i've been thinking about you! i'll carry your umbrella when your arms are tired and you feel weary!!! hang in there and know you are not alone.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! I'm glad you're carrying your umbrella...surely it won't be too much longer...

Sarah k said...

Hon, I am still pullin for you just waiting to hear good news from you.