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Saturday, September 06, 2008


Mommy and Claire...yes I have to take pictures of us myself b/c I'm the picture taker, not Jon.
So she's alllllmost walking. Actually she's free standing. I'm not sure how long it takes for them to go from freestanding to walking, but I'm guessing it's coming soon. Do you see the pure joy on her face!! I love that. She's so proud of herself!!
These are the "action" pictures from my "momma's gotta get a new camera soon" camera.(see post below) This "mode" doesn't allow for a flash, so I had to tweak it so you could see her.
She's so funny, b/c she'll be standing there and then get so excited, start clapping, then fall.
Isn't that just too cute. She has her "bo, bo" shoes on. I'm not sure why Jon calls them that...ummm maybe because they're boy shoes. Seriously. Oh and this weekend he bought her "sports" clothes. Those pictures to come.

Yay~~she's just too proud. We were watching the frisbe dogs and she really enjoyed it.
Notice Jon is fixing her "bo, bo" shoes.....
Awww...and to celebrate we went out to lunch....
isn't she cute(wait...did I say that already?)
I can't believe that we are already on the cusp of walking. She has gone from a quiet little thing that would stay put on a blanket in a hotel almost walking and getting into everything. She is loud, she screams, she laughs like we're the funniest things on this planet.
It's so fun to watch the world through her eyes; To get excited about the simplest things; To find joy in the mundane and to find the greatest in the smallest of accomplishments.


R... said...

Oh my goodness! I've been so bad about keeping up, I am JUST getting my first glimpse of your precious daughter. Congratulations!!! You all look so happy! I love the soft focus look of those walking shots, so your camera isn't so bad! :-)

Yes, I love experiencing the world all over again. Isn't it the best??


Anonymous said...

Ann, she is BEAUTIFUL! What a fun, fun, age. It's a little sad when they grow on up!

(makes me want another one that age, myself!)

I love her WIDE stance and those huge smiles! Too precious! I think you are right...any moment now she is going to be toddling all over the place!

Anonymous said...

you are beautiful, love the picture of you and your daughter.
It is amazing what love can do for a child, she looks so happy! And she is cute as a button!
I love the love on your husbands face when he looks at her.
Your blog makes me smile.
Thanks for sharing.

Debbie and Brian said...

Hi Ann,

I've been following your for a while now, it's a amazing how Claire has changed. I love the picture of her trying to stand with your dog, you're dog has this expression "oh, no she walks too", too funny. I've been following Noah's & Lucy's blogs last few days, and I get so excited to see mommies getting their babies. I noticed on Noah's blog that in early February, they received updated pics of Noal, and guess who was in one of the background pics...Claire! Check it out, too cute!

I hope you enjoy your new camera & take tons of pictures of Claire.


p.s. what part of Florida do you live in, I'm from Jacksonville,FL. Great game last night..Go Gators!~

Sam said...

...Now you KNOW you are a Mommy...

I've been stalking your blog for a LONG time. Congrats on your beautiful family!

Just Keep Swimming

Tish said...

she looks sooo happy! i'm going to have to take some photos of myslef w/matthew or we won't have any....good idea by you!

malou said...

What a beautiful Baby Claire is!!! YOu and JOn looks so happy and am so thrilled for you guys! YOu deserve all the happiness!

Vonda and John said...

She is getting prettier by the picture! I am so excited for you to get to experience all the firsts!



amazing grace said...

awwwww~~~ she's so beautiful~! and look at her standing!! wow!!! that's great! love the pictures!!!

Ronja said...

Hi, I just happenend to find your blog a few weeks ago and am really excited for you. Claire is such a cutie, and you look like great parents!

I just wanted to encourage you to really get a new camera soon - I am afraid you will regret it otherwise, once you have a new one you see how great the pictures turn out. Because she seems to change so fast and you want to capture everything real good! This is NOT meant to be offending, just encouraging, really!

Your daughter is cute no matter what camera takes her picture :-)

Best of luck and greetings from Germany,

PIPO said...

You are gonna be running after her in no time at all :0)

The Robison Family said...

oh my, we have a hurricane, I lose power for almost a week, I come back and she is almost walking! I haven't even introduced myself! I have been following your journey for awhile. Your sweetie is adorable. My almost 11m old is standing too. She gets so happy and proud it makes her laugh and she falls down! I love your new blog-facelift! Have a great week.


Just Us said... out, Claire will soon be walking. I think Yu-Lin started walking a couple of weeks after he was free standing..I gotta check my blog post to see. She looks so happy and proud of herself. Too cute!