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Monday, February 15, 2010

She's doing just fine

It amazes me how the time has flown by.  On one hand it seems like we were just in Taiwan and on the other it seems like she has been a part of our lives forever.  I look back on our pictures and tears still come to my eyes remembering what it was like to see her for the first hold her and know that she was ours. Claire has an endless amount of energy and we are always on the run with her. She fills our lives with laughter and excitement for life like only a child can.
She has an infectious and devious smile all at the same time.

Jon and I were just talking the other day about her caretakers in the orphanage...we wonder if they get updates on the children that they loved and cared for. Claire had one caretaker in particular that was very bonded to her. She wept when we picked her up.  We send updates like we're supposed to but I wonder if those are just for the birthfamily...I wonder if these women care for and love our children while we aren't there and then with heavy hearts hand them over with faith to foreigners, never to know how it all turned out. How hard that must be. So we've decided to send an email to the orphanage explaining that we didn't know if the caretakers were updated,  but we wanted them to know how happy she happy we all are and that she's well taken care of...and of course we'll attach the cutest pictures we can.  And we hope that it will get passed on to "Lilly" and she'll know for sure that that little angel is doing okay...


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Claire is just beautiful as always! :) I know exactly what you mean. I often wonder if the Nannies know how Noah is doing :) Was claire at St. Lucy's?? I would LOVE the email address if you have it! Noah was there as is Jeremiah who we are adopting now. We will be traveling most likely in May to pick up Jeremiah and taking Noah back with us! :) If you would like to send a note and pics or something to the Nannie's I can take it with us if you like :) Email me at and I can give you the address if you want. Also if you have the St. Lucy's email I would love to have it as well :) they gave it to us when we got noah and somethign got spilled on it :(

Tami Sisemore

Erin Ly said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I'm sorry about Jon's injury. It sounds like a lot has changed. It is amazing how some good time and attention benefits our kids. I notice that in the summer when I am off (I'm a teacher), and it makes me so sad to go back. I too wonder who is seeing our updates. I do know they really want them. Our agency went out of business and we got a letter from Cathwel asking us to send the updates directly to them and asked for updated contact information. When I replied with an email like asked, I got a thank you from Sr. Rosa. But, I also asked her if K's birth family or foster family has seen the updates, I got no reply :(.

Debbie said...

Hi Ann,
I recently sent a family picture and thank you to Cathwel with the same thought. Hoping all those great people, who helped my kids so much through a difficult time in their lives, would be able to see them happy and as part of a family. I also wanted them to know how obvious it is that they were really nurtured while at Jonah House. I'm hoping the card is seen by those folks--guess I could pray about that.

GREAT to see the pics of Claire. She is looking so grown up and sweet. Glad the new job is working out so well for you both! Blessings.

TaiwanMommy said...


I'm in florida. As in LIVING HERE. Let's catch up. Kyra is almost six, the twins are closing up on 4.5 Claire is beautiful. Love to you and Jon (who I'm still not stalking)