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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It's only been a week?!?

So I've been trying this waiting thing and thinking that I'm doing really well...until that is.. I realize that I've only been waiting a week!!! What do you mean I've only been waiting a week? It's been A LOT longer than a week, two maybe ,three at least!!! A month I know...I know that I've been waiting a month. Then Jon tells me "no sweetie, it's only been a week". So potentially I could have 51 more weeks. It's going to be a long waiting game.....


The Hughes said...

You are a trip! I hope your wait is not that long and that the courts move quickly after you accept a referral! Wishing you the patience that WE ALL so desperately need during this time.

Leaving in 18 days!

amazing grace said...

that's hilarious......i know exactly how you feel!!!! Hang in there and I hope you get your referral soon!!!!

leaving in 4 days---4 days! can you believe it????

Anonymous said...

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