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Thursday, March 09, 2006

We're waiting!!!!

As you all know Jon and I have started the adoption process to adopt a baby from Taiwan. We've had a busy 2 months gathering documents, homestudies, and gathering more documents. We've done really well and finished our homestudy in less than two months. A couple weeks ago, I went to Orlando where my closest friend Jen, helped me prepare the birthfamily photoalbum. We've mailed off our immigration forms, and are now waiting to rec'v our appointment to get fingerprinted(yipee!!). Our album was sent to Taiwan and we just rec'd word that the orphanage-Cathwel- has rec'd it and we are now officially "waiting". In the adoption world we are now considered "paper pregnant". Whew!!! I thought I'd never be pregnant. So we're pretty stoked and we can now hurry up and wait. The whole waiting for a referrel itself thing will take anywhere from 6-12 months so we have a lot of waiting to do. I' m not so good with the patience thing, so I guess this is where I'm gonna learn that. I'll keep this blog so everyone can keep up with what's going on with the adoption. I'm sure I'll be posting a bunch of other stuff too. Eventually we'll be able to post picture of our little treasure in Taiwan.


amazing grace said...

How fun!!! Love that you began a blog!!! Congratulations on Cathwel receiving your dossier! You are one step closer to your baby!!!!!

soon traveling to bring Gracen home!

The Hughes said...

Love the new Blog! I will be watching it carefully and listening carefully over here in Winter Haven, FL for that loud scream when you get the referral call! I hope your wait is not too long.


island girl said...

YAY!! Congratulations you guys!! So, so happy for you!!

The Rasmussen's said...

I love reading blogs. I enjoyed keeping mine especially while we were in Taiwan -- it gave me a chance to journal some of my thoughts, feelings and happenings so when I have time -- not sure when that will be (home almost 5 months now) I can put them in a book for Anna. THis girl has so many books: the bm book I sent was given back to me, 100 good wishes book, adoption box, etc etc and she is only 18 months. :0)
I look forward to following your blog to your beautiful Taiwan Treasure

Kelly Rasmussen
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Adopting_from_Taiwan Yahoo Group

amazing grace said...

ok, how fun that "island girl jen" is your friend that helped you put your bm book together!!! I love her scrapbooking stuff and look at her stuff on 2 peas!!! How cool is that????

just had to share,
leaving in 15 days to bring Gracen home!

Allen & Angela said...

Congratulations on clearing the first hurdle. You are beginning a journey of a lifetime. I look forward to following along with you.

William's Mommy

Tammy said...

I'm with you on the patience thing..not one of my virtues, but I'm certainly learning.