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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Remeber how I said....

....I was a jet ski champ.
....not so much. Please remind me that I am not 19 years old anymore.

I went back to work with a little back pain. By the end of the week it was worse. We drove down to Orlando for our "other" nephews birthday.

...and by Saturday night...
walking was a luxury.... Sunday, it remained a luxury.

Which brought me to...

*a call in on Monday(I HATE calling in)
*a doctors visit
*a shot in my junk
*a readjustment(which scares me every time he does it)
*a tongue lashing about my back exercises
*a "reminder" that I have NO muscle tone(which I should) to support my back
*mandatory exercise(!!!!!)
*AND...a calling out in front of my mother in law(who manages the office)!!!which went like this....."Tell Mrs.(Mother in law) what your physical therapist told you"

.....(head hung low)" do my back exercises"

..."and have you been doing your back exercises"

now I'm thinking to myself...doesn't jet skiing count as some form of exercise and technically I was obviously working out my back or it wouldn't have been hurting....
"no, I haven't been doing my back exercises"

I getcha doc, I gethca.


island girl said...

heheheh...not feelin' to young are you?!! i hope you start feeling better soon, i'd hate for jon to have to buy you a cane!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Get a massage!
Hopes you feel better very soon.

redmaryjanes said...

Girl, do you back exercises!!

Sarah said...

Hey Ann, do your back exercies. :) Heard that enough yet?

Sherry said...

Ouch! But Im sure you looked really fabulous on that jet ski:)

Hope you feel beter soon...