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Sunday, September 30, 2007

File, File, and refile

Okay, so some snipets from this weekend:

*Our I171h refile, will be in the mail tomorrow. I'm getting pretty good at paperwork. We requested the "one time, no charge extension of our I171h." I'll let you know if they let us do it.
*This should be the last of our paperwork til we know of our little man(I hope I don't eat those words)

*Not only am I not 19, I am not 10. Went to a birthday party at pump it up.....took my nephew....and well.....I'm not a stand on the sidelines kinda Aunt. My back is ailing again. But I smoked him on the obstacle course(yes I am bragging about beating a 10 year old!!)

*Jon on the other hand is 10. He scared the doodles outa my nephew on the gocarts. My nephew told me that Jon was running kids off the track and making them spin out!!

*Much to my sisters dismay...I have introduced the nephew to the Starbucks frappaccino

*Camp is set for hunting season.(I supervised)
*Let's all say a collective prayer that Jon doesn't get life flighted out of the woods this year!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!


i-Con said...

Woohoo to kicking some 10 year old nephew butt ;0)

Yes, there are no hunting mishaps allowed this year...or any year.

Tisra said...

I guess we were still so new to the Taiwan adoption groups last year that I missed the "accident". I just read your Life Flighted post and OH MY GOODNESS! You are exercising your faith by letting him go, aren't you? I do hope you get the free extension- it would be good news for us all.

island girl said... many memories of last year's frantic phone call from you have just come back to me! yes, a prayer will be said for our

also, seriously...i'm not surprised that jon would run kids off the road...he's dangerous like that! lol!

island girl said...


bwaaahhahaah...another frap convert! i love it! gotta start 'em young!

Andy & Rebecca said...

Girl, you two sound like us!. We have 4 kids, going on 5, and we still haven't grown up. :) Hee hee.

I hope you get your free extension... keep us posted!! You guys are definitely due for a referral SOON and I have a feeling it will NOT be as long as April...:)


redmaryjanes said...

Men are so funny. All of the men in our family are going hunting this year. I'm hoping they all come back safe and sound too!

shelley said...

Praying for a safe hunting trip this yr.

I would take my victories where I can get them....if you beat a 10 yr old, you beat a 10 yr old. TEE HEE

jeneflower said...

Keep your young spirit! You guys will be great parents!

Yvonne Batot said...

Good luck with immigration!

Sherry said...

I had know idea Jon was flown to a Shock Trauma! Him & Matt have something in common.

I know you must be the paperwork master & sick of paperwork by now so I am glad your doing constructive things like smoking 10yr olds & giving them Frappaccino's. LOL! It's good for ya:)

Doris & Dan said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!!

Fingers crossed for ya!

Keep smilin!