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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Daytona 2008

NOT the Daytona 500, but the day before. Formally known as the Busch series, now the Nationwide series(or so I've been told). Jon won tickets through his job(they have such neat insentives) It was my first time to a race. Jon kept asking me if I wanted to go down to the fence. I didn't feel I "needed" to go down to the fence. But after much insistence by Jon, we went down to the fence. I'm standing there as the cars are driving by on a caution flag....Jon told me..."just wait"....Then they really started driving, they were flying by, it was extremely loud, the wind was wooshing by and you get sucked toward the fence..Seriously, it was soo cool, I think my exact words were this is "effin awesome." Never thought I would be a Nascar fan, but it was pretty fun.

diclaimer: some photos have been edited so that it's subject wouldn't feel so bloated..yay photoshop!!


island girl said... crack me up with the photo shop skills!!

So glad you had a good time at the race...I told you it is much better in person!

redmaryjanes said...

It looks like you guys had a GREAT time!

TaiwanMommy said...

Man, I got stuck watching it on TV. Maybe next year we can all go together (if I promise not to stalk Jon) the kids would look cute in hearing protectors..


Precious Wonders & Little Monkeys said...

Awh! Yes! The joy of NASCAR! I love the races... especially if you can get anywhere near the pit. Top fuelers... so fun! Ear plugs are sooo valued huh... but could do without the tipsy beverage spillers... hahaha

Sherry said...

Thats pretty cool to have won tickets! Im so not a NASCAR kind-of girl but we bought a day pass for "future-father-in-law" to actually drive one of those cars for a couple rounds in the Pocono's & I actually had a fun time just watching all the 100 year old guys climb through the windows then go super fast around the track. LOL! Glad you had fun & I totally want your weather & sunshine! (Feeling pasty & cold here...Hehehe!)