This is our story....of love, life, and adoption

Monday, June 26, 2006


That’s all we know .
For years we
waited for you to grow in my belly..
Patiently knowing that the seed would be planted and you would grow
….from our flesh and dreams, a child you would become.

But God had other plans for you
….and for us.
We had to
You had to
wait to grow..

We know this now...
and so we

God chose another woman where you will grow for us
She will become your first mother
Her flesh will sustain you as you grow
Her heart will teach you of love
Before you are ever born

God told this woman, your first Mother that she too has to
..wait for the right family to be there for you.

With a heavy heart she too will make the choice to
wait to parent and wait for us…
To come together to be your forever family
Your Mommy and Daddy.

So Across continents…we
Across oceans…we pray
Across time…we know

You are
waiting too..

The seed has been planted…
Our dreams, they will grow.

Her belly..
Our Heart.

We are all
waiting child..
For you to become.

wait patiently our child
We are coming
We are

Yes, we know..
You are waiting too….



Connie said...

It can't be more earnestly spoken than that.

Thanks for sharing that, Ann!

malou said...

What a beautiful poem this is. I hope you will get your baby soon! Ann, I left some praise for you @2peas of your past LO's. That L is for Love is a sticker from 7gypsies. Malou

sunnyseidl said...

Ann, that was truly beautiful. Makes it all too clear what the waiting is for...

NikkiNix said...

Wow. Tears. You made me cry girl! Ya, sure! Blame it on PMS, whadddever ;)

I can't wait to meet your new little bundle, I can only imagine how you feel :)

David and Janalee said...

Wow Ann, that is amazing! What a treasure for your little one to have someday. You are going to be such a great mommy.

jeneflower said...

I love your poem! Can I steal it for my daughter's lifebook?

amazing grace said...

so sweet!!!!!


Brian and Holly said...

Thinking of you while you wait. Thank you for your thoughts left for us on our blog. Your time will soon come to be a mommy. It will be a challenge but fun at the same time.
This is a wonderful poem for your child who will be in your arms very soon.


Luke Martin said...

I'm sure that your referral is soon in coming, Ann. And, regardless of the timing, you'll look at your child and none of that waiting will matter -- it will all make sense. And I can see from your poem that you get that. That's the mystery of it all. Peace and patience to you...

Anonymous said...

wow girl, you had me really thinking and sitting here with tears in my eyes. that poem is just beautiful ann.

Sandra said...

Great poem. That is all we seem to be doing too. Thanks for leaving me a message

Allen & Angela said...

Well put! What a beautiful poem to share with your child someday.


Annie said...

That is beautiful Ann.

Jodi said...

Thank you for checking my blog! That is a beautiful poem. It made me so happy, it is so true!

Kelly said...

That is a great poem. Good luck with your adoption. Thanks for the comment on my blog!!

Ryan and Heather said...

I love this! I hope you get your referral very soon!!!!!!

Tammy said...

Thanks for making me tear up...I will have to steal this one for my blog - says it all.

Hang in there. Waiting is so hard.

Sylvie said...

Very beautiful and touching, Ann.

Kristin said...

What a lovely poem... so beautiful.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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