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Sunday, January 14, 2007

It be official

It's official, we still have to wait. Our agency has now stated that the wait for a healthy infant is 12-14 months. Didn't get upset about this although I had to tell Jon. He was like:"don't get upset, we already knew this".
me: "I know, but now it's official, they put it on the website"
jon: "But we knew this, so it's no big deal"
--end of conversation--

He's right, no big deal. We knew it was coming. I usually see things on the boards right before our agency makes the statement. So with that in mind we should-and I say should loosely-receive word of our child between March and May. Now we usually have Mother's day at our home every year. So let's hope that on this Mother's day I can proudly display a picture of our child.


Connie said...

Ann, I so hope you have that beautiful picture on your fridge (and everywhere else) by this Mother's Day.

I agree, knowing it and seeing it in 'official print' are two different things in my book.

I'm hoping MK will be in photos (at very least) by Mother's Day 2008.

Anonymous said...

Ann, may your wishes and dreams come true for Mother's Day!!

Ryan and Heather said...

Oh I really really really hope you have your referral by mothers day! What a very long wait you've already been through!

Anonymous said...

Glad you were prepared. Seems to cousion the fall when you have some insite ahead of time.
Hope they freeze the time line or it speeds up one or the other. May this be the best Mothers day ever.

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for March!!!! It's right around the corner. You've waited so long, it's coming VERY SOON.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, no big deal unless you were actually wanting to see this kid's face! Sorry you are having to wait so long.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Mothers Day......hmmm, it couldn't be more appropriate. How wonderful.

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

I'm Hoping for you Ann and I'm also hoping for Sooner rather than Later!!

Anonymous said...

Mother's Day sounds totally reasonable... I am pulling for you and praying to all the demi-gods of adoption and referral statistics.