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Saturday, February 03, 2007

In the house...almost!!

My mothers superstitions have totally rubbed off on us. She has always told me not to bring anything into the house relating to baby until I am pregnant. It's bad luck she tells me. Who am I to argue. So this is always how it's been. We don't need any bad luck. When Jon and I were "trying" we never brought anything in to the house, no bottles, no nipples, not one baby bootie. My sister has a box full of clothes from my nephews for us, it's sitting in my parents attic. In hindsight I am grateful that we never brought anything into the house. It would have been torture to sit and look at baby stuff month after month of NOT conceiving. There were points in our "trying" when we were so down, in such agony that I swear I probably would've burned anything baby in some sick ritual.
Jon and I decided that we wouldn't bring anything into the house til we had a referral. Yesterday my mother in law called me to tell me that Jon's sister had some toys she's saved for us and that she just didn't have the room anymore, so could we please at least take them and store them in my parents attic. She knows how I feel about bringing anything baby into the house, so she wanted to gingerly pass it by me, since we were helping Jon's sister move today.
**Progress for me**..I reluctantly told Jon we didn't have to take the toys to my parents, we could..gasp...bring them into the house.
Jon put them into his car.
"uh uh...I'm not going to be the one to bring us bad luck"

So for now the toys are sitting in his car. Maybe tomorrow we'll bring them into the garage...that's not really the house, right?


C.J. said...

Nope - it isn't the house.

If that superstition holds any water then I am doomed ;0) Glad I'm not a superstitious one when it comes to that.

TaiwanMommy said...

It's an Asian thing! :)

The garage is NOT the house. But I gotta tell ya, I broke that superstition all over the place, and I have a house full of midgets.

You have to leave the "garage" off the list of potential doomsday bringers, because it's time you start collecting all the stuff you need.. it'll take awhile. And you gotta have SOMEWHERE to put it (besides poor Grandma's attic..)

non-superstitious Val

Jodi said...

I'm the same way. I refused to buy anything baby! I thought it was bad luck too.
No that we are moving onto adoption though, I know it's ok...I just haven't been able to break my thoughts and get anything! I feel the same way you do, but it is ok! It's good to be prepared and have some stuff!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

You are not alone, speak to my husband who thinks I singlehandedly saused SARS in China all because I put paint on the walls in what was to be Lily's bedroom when he went away for a weekend and within 24 hours of it drying the news of SARS broke!
He is so superstitious but I must say he is much better this time around so I don't have to hide all my shoppy!

Anonymous said...

When we were pregnant the first time, I wouldn't tell anyone until after the first trimester. That pregnancy was a molar pregnancy. The 2nd pregnancy, Judson, we were VERY reluntant to tell anyone until I was showing. And then I didn't want anything brought into the house until the 3rd trimester. I understand your hesitancy! With Ansley, we didn't tell anyone until we had a referral. But I say, be the first in your family to break with that tradition. I agree with Val, put it in the garage. Live on the edge!


malou said...

OMg, aren't MOm's just wonderful w/supertitions? My mom is the same way and I always give her grief about her superstitions but you know what I do it anyways just in case- ;)

Anonymous said...

Jews dont buy anything until the kid is born. And in the house. really hard one there.

Sherry said...

I thought this was a funny post. Sad to say I believe in all that superstition stuff. I think if you wait til your ref to bring it into the house your good. LOL! (Of course this is coming from someone that refused to have a baby shower until Kobi was considered Taiwan/ American. LOL!)

Mommy-To-Channing said...

Nope, garage is the garage!! I dont know how your doing it....I couldnt survive this journey without the RETAIL THERAPY or setting up the room.