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Thursday, February 15, 2007

TT #2

In honor of Valentines day....
Thirteen perfect love moments..
  1. Sitting on the couch watching a movie with hubby
  2. Watching the dogs play at the dog park
  3. hanging out with neices and nephews at the pool
  4. Dinner with parents
  5. sitting around in perfectly okay silence
  6. jumping out of the dark and scaring hubby
  7. laughing hysterically b/c he jumped.....again!!!
  8. fighting....then making up
  9. crying on his shoulder
  10. hugging my friends
  11. being on the other end of a phone, with only silence..because they needed you
  12. little wet furry noses in the morning
  13. the whisper of "I love you" in the wee wee hours, when he gets home from work

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C.J. said...

You have great lists...they really SAY something about you and it's all good :0)

PS - I love to sneak up and scare people too ;0)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Aww, that's sweet. I like how it's not all gooey - sitting in silence, the dog park... normal things that we do every day. Nice to dwell on those.

Happy TT!

malou said...

Ha, ha, I do that to my DH too...we are so bad! Hope you had a great Valentine's day, I know you did.

Anni said...

Very sweet. Thanks for stopping by my TT!

Andrea said...

Thursday 13, now that's a neat idea! I liked your Valentines edition, it was sweet.