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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday 13, #1

This is my very first 13 post. Wasn't sure where to start....So let's see...
Since this blog is mostly about our adoption journey I'll start with 13 things about the infertility that brought us to adoption
  1. We are part of a very select group of people in the world that suffers from infertility, 10 percent of the population has some form of infertility, primary or secondary. It seems like a lot more when you are a part of this group.
  2. We both "have" issues that contribute to our infertility.
  3. There was a time when we would cry more often then we would smile.
  4. We now smile more often then we cry.
  5. Infertility has given us many is strength.
  6. Another is a ROCK SOLID marriage.
  7. I think we will be better parents having dealt with infertility
  8. Infertility is all encompassing. It has ruled our lives in some way or another for 4 plus years.
  9. There was a time when I didn't think we'd make it past that point.
  10. I know better now...
  11. I know more about my body then I ever wanted to know b/c of infertility. Trust me...I don't need any monitors anymore. I can tell you on any given day where I am in my cycle and whatsa happening down there.
  12. I never knew love more then the day my hubby found me locked up in the bathroom, curled into a ball, and crying...he scooped me up and told me "we'll get through this together."
  13. Infertility has led us joyfully and peacefully to adoption and it is here that we will learn more of love as we scoop up our child and say "we'll get through this together"

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Welcome to TT, Ann! I'm the person above you who is supposed to come visit, but I chose to be, so I had a good excuse to visit. (like I need an excuse!)

And I'm glad I did. Your TT brought tears to my eyes, especially #12.

Welcome, again, to TT. I look forward to stopping back here more often.

Jessica Morris said...

It brought tears to my eyes too. How beautiful!

C.J. said...

Now THAT is a great 'thirteen' post. You guys are gonna be wonderful parents!

Pen said...

Welcome to TT! What a precious topic! Number 12 brought tears to my eyes!

amy said...

Welcome to TT! We are adopting also. Please come visit
We are actually adopting from china for a lot of reasons

Hope to read more from you

Crystal said...

Welcome to TT.

Your list made me cry. I'm new to this infertility thing and still cry more than I smile most of the time. Thankfully, I too have a wonderful husband who is my rock.

Jill said...

Bienvenue au TT!!
I'm proud that you could adopt, and that you have found positive thing about your infertility issues!!

Artemis said...

Hi Ann! I came to you via your visit to my blog and so glad I did! I think its great you're writing about this journey - what a treasure your child will have to look back upon someday... I will be back :)

Anonymous said...

How lucky you are! So many people don't 'get it'. You do. Having been thru what you've been thru, you have a much better appreciation of the gifts you have been given. You will be a much better mommy. You will appreciate your children much more than some others who have not struggled. And what a great husband you have!!!!! He will be a great daddy! Oh what a wonderful family you have and will have.