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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Join me in celebrating

17 months!! Okay, so I'm really not that excited about 17 months, but we have made it this far and that's nothing to scoff at. There have been some referrals(not from our agency), but referrals none the less. I did find the motivation to get most of the paperwork for our home study update done. Everythings pretty much done except our local background check which will probably be done tomorrow or Monday. Everything is mailed out and now all we need to do is have them come to our house and write up the fact that we are still waiting...I mean still qualified to be parents, oh and pay that little "update" fee. We haven't murdered or molested anyone this past year so thumbs up to us. Do I sound a little jaded? Okay let me try again....

**what this post should say**

YAY!!! We have made it to 17 months. Isn't this exciting. I can't believe that we have made it this far. We continue to be elated at the prospect of being parents and can't wait until we learn of our little one. We have been using these past months to get our house in order and spend quality time with eachother. We know that once little baby is here, free time will be sparse. Our marriage has grown stronger as we have waded through this process of adoption and we know that when we finally get our referral news this will all be worth it!!

(is that better?)


Chairman Mom said...

OMG, you're killing me!! That is so funny! Me, I can relate to the "jaded" part so well..! LOL


Tisra said...

Soon. Soon. soon. It *has* to be!

waiting for referral

Sarah said...

You crack me up!

malou said...

17 months, wow. Don't worry, Ann your baby will come soon. I know I sound like a broken record but I know for sure your little baby will come, soon.

Sherry said...

LOL! I like "Version 1" better then "Version 2" anyway:) 17 months... Woo Hoo! Ok any day now. Can you hear my foot tapping from MD?

Anonymous said...

OK. I'm tired of you waiting too. Let's get this ball rolling. They have dances/rituals to get rid of plagues/pestilence and to bring rain, etc. There has to be a dance/ritual to bring about an adoption referral. Let's see: Macarena...NO. Square Dance...NO.
Chicken Dance...hmmmm...NO

Let me ponder this. Perhaps you need to release 1 million ladybugs into the wild!

I say all that to say, keep the faith. It will come. Not nearly fast enough but it will come. My fingers are crossed that it will be SOON.


Doris & Dan said...

No matter how you say it is what it is. Happy 17! Soon I hope!

Keep smilin!

shelley said...

So glad you can still see the brighter side. I KNOW your time has got to come soon.

Abby's Mom said...

Happy 17 months less to wait! Definately a big milestone :)

rhinetiffany said...

You are crackin me up! God please hang in there - I cannot even imagine it - this HAS TO HAPPEN SOOOONNNNNN - you do know there is going to be a party across adoption blogger land probably in every state in the US celebrating the day you get your referral!!
I feel for ya and we'll get that bottle of bubbly ready :) thinking of you -
Sophia's mom