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Monday, August 13, 2007

Just calll me Super Girl!!

Okay so the title has nothing to do with the post, but I liked the picture. Our homestudy visit was fine. Our homestudy coordinator is soooo nice and very laid back. When ever she comes, it's like visiting with an old friend. She has two children adopted from China, so I always feel very comfortable with her in our home. She was right, she didn't look at anything and the visit was very informal. We have all the paperwork done and now all she has to do is wait for the DCF and FDLE to come back which should be in about 3-4 weeks.
On another note, it is blazing HOT!! And our AC went out again. Thankfully Jon's brother is a wiz when it comes to AC and hopefully our house will delve below the 85 degree mark tonight.


Chairman Mom said...

See? You didn't need to whip out the cleaning toothbrush of doom, did you? :-) I'm happy it went well!

Oh and yes, the heat sucks! I need to be related to a guy that works on AC, too!


Tisra said...

Nashville is experiencing record heat with no rain in sight right now. So, our AC is having trouble keeping up unless we crank it really low at night (65) to give it a head start for the day. Then, we feel lucky if we can keep the house below 75 during the day. I'm married to a computer guy, so I can't complain too least we're able to fix most technical things using his smarts. AC, though, must be "outsourced". :-) Glad the update went well. I really do expect your referral soon and I can hardly wait to read of your news. Lots of good news seems to come out of Taiwan right now, so you never know!

waiting for referral

marina said...

You go girl!

C.J. said...

Woohoo to having that behind you.

No AC? Oh please, fix that and fast. I wouldn't want you to swelter to death. I can't even think about no AC without pain.

Doris & Dan said...

A great relief to have that done! Phew!

Hope the cool air starts to blow again soon. Not fun!

Keep smilin!

redmaryjanes said...

This has been a nasty hot summer for sure. I hope your ac is back online. I'm glad that your SW visit went great!

Sherry said...

NO AC! Hmmm... So hubby didnt have a car w/ AC... right?

answer: Now he's got a new one.

Now the house doesnt have AC... right?

answer: Now he gets you a new one?

*What ya think?

Princess Diaries said...

It's always a relief when the SW visit is over and successful. Ya did good!