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Monday, March 17, 2008

We rec'd a phone call today from TECO. We paid for expidited service for the authentication of 7 items. But apparently they counted 8. I swear it was 7. I went over in my head all the items that needed to be authenticated and couldn't for the life of me think of what the 8th item could be. But since regular service is 2-6 days, if they waited for us to send them the extra 23 dollars for the extra document we would fall under the regular service anyways. So I told them to just authenticate the 8 items with regular service(which is cheaper). They told me that they would issue us cash in the return envelope since they would then owe us some change(anyone else think that is weird...oh well) Anyways....after thinking and thinking about how I caused my child to have to stay a few days longer in the orphange I rushed home to prove that it was only 7 items. I looked again at all the documents, as we had made a copy of what we sent. 7...there were only 7 items...I made Jon come over and count with me...7...see Jon...7. Utterly annoyed with me, but thankful that the mistake wasn't his...he told me to call them and try and figure it out. So again they pulled our file...8 they tell me, there are 8 items..Seriously? What are the items....wellllll come to find out that an extra little document slipped it's way into the envelope during the midnight frenzy to get all the paperwork together. So now we will have an official TECO stamp on our agency referral acceptance contract.....which needed to be notarized, but not really TECO'd. Oh well. I'm sure they'll find that cute.


PIPO said...

One case where too much IS better than not enough! :0)

Sarah k said...

You know. Adoption is always fun! I can picture the scene now. And they say that it is NOTHING like labor. Well, then why are we always frenzicly trying to gather documents? I could be just maybe because they want a document on our shoe size and relationship with the mail man or Anyways, there is your funny story to tell your beautiful daughter Ann! I would have checked too! lol.

Sarah said...

You're just extra extra official with an official TECO stamp on your referral acceptance contract! These little twists and turns will hopefully seem more funny when you're joking about them with your 13 year old daughter. "Mommy cursed like a sailor at the dumb ***beep*** at the bank that wouldn't notarize your documents, and then we sent them to TECO and didn't send enough money..."

Chris Waughtal said...

It is always something-the paperwork is never over until you have your precious little one HOME!!
At least it was not something major-just confusing!