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Monday, March 24, 2008

Not today!!

It's just not meant to be. It seemed like a comedy of errors today as we tried to get our authenticated paperwork back to our agency. It got delivered to us today, Jon dropped it off at my job, so I could make copies..
The goal was to get to the fed ex place by 5pm...
-I had to stay late at work b/c a rep was running late. Which put me leaving close to 4pm
-All I saw were brake lights...Traffic was stopped on the highway.
-Jon was not back from trying to get meds at Walgreens when I finally got home
-Finally, get a few signatures, a couple of copies.....shooooot...I FORGOT, WE need the BIG check and one more notarization....
-Jon and I off to the bank to get a notarization and the "BIG" certified check. It's 4:45

NEW GOAL....get to other fed ex place, across the river and through the woods by 6pm
-Out of copy paper
-stop off at Winn Dixie to get paper
-Winn Dixie out of paper
-Go back the other way(by the bank we were just at) to get paper at Office Depot.
-{pass the fed ex truck picking up the 5 pm pickup}
-Back to our house, sign, sign, more copies, copy, organize...back out the door.
-Okay so not going to make it to the OTHER fed ex place by 6pm

NEW GOAL..get to the main fed ex hub by 7pm
-Drive halfway across town to what we think is the fed ex main hub...Nope it's the freight hub, with no one in the office.

NEW GOAL...just get to any fed ex place so Jon doesn't need to go another day without sleep and it will be ready tomorrow without an extra trip
-We're halfway to downtown, so we drive the other half...
-FINALLY....with paperwork in hand....go up to the counter..
-"we need to mail this"
-"fed ex?"
-"Seriously dude, we're in a fed ex kinkos, what do you think?"
-"Our system just went down"
-"nope we have a call into tech support"
-"Thank you very much"
Out the door...


Another turn of the key and the car started, but I'm thinking that we weren't supposed to get these papers out tonight. Ya think? So off we headed home....


Craig, Judy, and Andrew said...

Arghhh!!! I'm frustrated for you just reading this!

- Judy K.

marina said...

Geez - tomorrow is another day. It will get done!

Annie said...

Aww, sorry it was such a frustrating evening without even reaching your goal.

Sarah said...

Ohmygosh. Ohmygosh. You can't make this stuff up, it's soooo nuts!

Judy said...

Oh my god!! Hang in there. It will get better. There is a light at the end of the tunnel:-)

redmaryjanes said...

Oh man, what a nightmare! How about today? Did you get them in today???

Kristin said...

It sounds like you are trying to see the humor in this situation, which really impresses me!!! That sounds insane. Good luck tomorrow!

Just Us said...

Oh my....what a day! You sometimes wondery why you got up that morning right? I know tomorrow will be a better day and those docs will be off!!