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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Coming along

It's coming along, slowly but surely. Hope you all don't get tired of seeing room pictures..we should have new Claire pictures in a couple of weeks...til then....
So not the best side of me, but I wanted to show proof that I really am working on the room too!!

<----wood does come in purple, right?

<----this turned out so well, but it's not showing up well in the picture. We(I) still have a lot of detail painting to do though.

<-----Isn't she purty?

<----the latest addition

And last, but not least. Jon's Mom(the MIL-seriously she likes being called the MIL)...has started the shopping spree. I hear she did some major Grandma shopping. On Mommy's day we got our first car seat...yay!!! It's not out of the box yet, b/c our cars are not deserving of such greatness(they're filthy), but soon we'll be sporting the car seat! I'm sure it will make the chicks swoon when Jon rolls with the new car seat!! Thanks so much!!


marina said...

It looks GREAT! One more week until you're hearing! Yeah!

Precious Wonders & Little Monkeys said...

I am loving this painting thing... it is actually quite fun to watch. I love the door... mucho maravilloso! It is so nice to see your happiness... you just exude joy. Take Care, Sara

Mom2JosephLilyRoseJack said...

Hi Ann,

I absolutley love Claire's room. I can't wait to see it when it's done. AWESOME JOB!!!!!!

I hope all is well.


Don and Be said...

Wow! How WAY cool! It jazzes me to see y'all really getting into the groove of preparing for the new arrival!
We call our girl's room "The Room of Whimsy" as there is a theme throughout it which encourages exercising the imagination - a kind of 'down to earth fantasy' - much like your design - LOVE IT!!!!!!
Blessings to you and your growing family,

BTW - Take a look at Joanna Mei's Room if you like ........

Judy said...

I'm loving seeing the progress. Great job! The door almost looks 3D. It's awesome! I'm so excited for you guys.


Tish said... are talented! the little roof on the one photo looks awesome! i am blown away!

redmaryjanes said...

Wow, it is really looking great! You guys are talented. I should have you come over here and do my nursery : )

Sarah k said...

Looking Great!!! Keep it up, it will be done in no time and then you will be to the end of this journey and wonder where all the time went!

PIPO said...

I LOVE it...that room will be such a haven for your beautiful girl.

MotherMotherOcean said...

This is going to be a great looking room. She is going to love it as she grows.

Just Us said...

Wooo seat..check! The room is coming along...and no I'm not going to get bored following the progress on Claire's room so keep posting. Kristie