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Thursday, May 08, 2008


I forget that I have a picture of Claire on my badge. On one side it's my work badge, the other is one of her referral pictures. So depending on how it hangs, it's me or her. I forget that. People at work always see her and I forget. I was in the elevator the other day when someone I didn't know asked...."is that your daughter?" I almost froze, what do I say? Seriously this is the conversation I had with myself. Do I tell this stranger that yes, she is my daughter with the disclaimer that we are adopting her. Do I tell the whole story that we still have to go through court, but in our eyes she is our daughter..can they tell that she didn't come from me? No this woman can't tell by her picture, and she didn't want to hear the whole story, and I shouldn't feel guilty, there doesn't need to be a disclaimer when people ask me this. So with head held high I answered her..."yup, that's my daughter". And it felt good. No disclaimer, no nothing. Simply yes she is ours. Cool stuff.

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