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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I hope everyone celebrated with their fathers today and had a wonderful day. We rec'd new pictures just in time for father's day.

Jon got the rockin' pink camouflage diaper bag from his mother. Love it!! Claire gave her Daddy his first Father's day card today. I took the above picture and made a card from Claire, because it is Daddy's first picture with his girl. It read:

We haven't met yet yet,
But I can already see
That you're my Daddy
A family we'll be.

I can feel your love,
Across big oceans blue
I know you're coming
Your word is true.

You will be my rock,
When my world is blurry.
You'll dry my tears.
Come quickly, now hurry.

Soon Daddy please,
Bring me home, hug me tight.
Your love is my haven,
My Daddy, my knight!!

<----We(I) laugh and call this the "cleavage shot" Jon didn't find it as humorous as I did.

Our baby girl didn't gain any weight on this report. Actually she did gain a little, but lost it. I'm not too worried. She is tripodding, which means we'll have a crawler soon. She can sit up steadily by herself. She's drinking the same amount of formula, 150cc, every 4 hours. But they have started her on "sub foods". Unfortunately the sub foods are in Chinese and they didn't translate that for us. So we don't know what she's eating. I am just assuming congee of some sort.

Soon Claire. It won't be long now!


Kristin said...

These pictures are just beautiful. She gets prettier and prettier every time I see her. I am so happy for you guys as you celebrate all these firsts!!!

Annie said...

Love the update shots. Look, she's sitting on the United States! :) (Well, close anyway)

Andrea said...

Happy First Father's Day! I am sure next year will be even sweeter. Claire's looking so cute!

Mom2JosephLilyRoseJack said...

Loved the poem.

I am sure it bought tears to Jon's eyes. My husband shed some tears yesterday for our sweet son Jack that will not be coming home to us now. But he had a blast opening all his presents from Joseph and LilyRose.

Can't wait to see all three of you together.


Tish said...

what an awesome father's day gift! the new pics are beautiful!

redmaryjanes said...

She is just darling and I love the Daddy Poem!

babybain said...

Claire is more beautiful with each update. I love the picture of her on her belly.

David and Janalee said...

what a cutie pie little miss Claire is! Happy First Daddy's day Jon.

4Bussells said...

She's adorable. I love the poem and the picture along with it. Claire's one very lucky daughter!

Sarah k said...

Ok, I thought the cleavage shot was funny! lol... she is beautiful hon! And happy first father's day!!! What a wonderful time.. all those firsts!!! Got love it!

Judy said...

She's beautiful! It so exciting to see the updated pics. The room looks great too - you guys did an awesome job. Here's hoping to travel news soon.

Just Us said...

Love the new pics. Happy Father's Day. I'm sure next year will be even better. Here's to tavel news soon!! Kristie