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Sunday, January 04, 2009


As has become the new trend with this blog, Here are some quick pics from Christmas morning. And as has also become the new trend. blog*ger has put the photos in whatever order it wanted.
Here is Claire with her new dump truck(two guesses on who picked out that gift)
Claire's first look Christmas morning(two guesses on who chopped off Mommy's head?)
The picture that didn't quite make the Christmas card, although I thought it would have made a very cute card.
And the official Christmas card photo.
  • Claire is growing by leaps and bounds.
  • After months of nonproductive drooling, she is finally cutting some molars. So that's eight teeth in with several more coming in.
  • She is trying to say more words. And although Jon and I are the only ones that can probably understand what she's trying to say, it counts right?
  • After giving up on trying to teach her signs, one day she was eating and signed "more". So I'm back on trying to teach her just a couple more words to cut down on her frustration level
  • I think she has had a few night terrors. Very sad when she wakes up screaming and is not consolable
  • She is climbing....a lot. We watched her today as she tried to climb the back of her crib. Seriously she's got to be way to young to not be a crib, right?


The Family K. said...

What a cutie! It looks like she had a blast on Christmas.

You may want to look into getting the "Signing Time" video off Amazon. It has worked wonders with both of my kids just when it seemed that my teaching them signs was going nowhere.

Also, you may want to look into getting a crib tent if Claire is going to make a habit of climbing her crib.

Happy New Year!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

ohhh I love the pictures :) I bet Christmas was so fun for you :) Sounds like Claire and Noah's mouths are the same :) He has 8 teeth too. 4 front on top, 4 front on bottom and is cutting a molar on top on each side :) No fun. doesn't it just break your heart when they hurt with teeth?

Thanks for sharing the pictures :) Don't stay away so long this time :(
Noah's mama Cassie) said...

I love her Christmas Dress.
She is a beautiful child.

Annie said...

What adorable pictures. Claire looks so happy! I love both the Christmas dress pictures- too cute.

I'm guessing her crib mattress can't be adjusted to move any lower?

PIPO said...

Looks like the others hit on the lowest possible mattress and a crib tent.....good luck!

I love that dress. She is just lovely.

Ah, and she is no longer the newest Claire on the block ;0) I look forward to all these great moments with my Claire.

dalli said...

we had to move chloe from her crib @ 18 months b/c of her climbing out. what is it with these climbing taiwan princesses?

Sarah k said...

how can it be she already looks so old? I just don't get it.. too quick! Not only that but I have seen the "magical smile". I have always said that even the happiest baby in an orphanage has a smile alright but nothing like the smile she gives her mom and dad after they know they are found!!!!! She is found sweety and it looks beautiful on her and you guys! The card would have been great! Good thing you have years and years to do that card!!!!

Sarah k