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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where does the time go?

How is my child growing so fast? Why does is seem like just yesterday that we were in Taiwan meeting this wonderful child for the first time. Then I look at the calendar and 6 months have passed. Seriously...6 months!! Does that even seem possible?

In Florida we really don't have much of an opportunity to "bundle up", so when we got a cold snap, I took that opportunity to put the hat on that her Aunt gave her. that not too too cute!
Our house has been overrun by baby stuff(YAY!!!) But that also means we are running out of room. The old hand me down dinning room table has been kicked to the curb...and now Claire has a playroom. She loves it and we love that our living room isn't an obstacle course.
And I never thought I would love to put her hair in the "Pebbles" ponytail...but it just makes me giggle everytime I do it.

4 comments: Cassie) said...

she is so cute..growing up so fast. love the hat.

Tisra said...

Oh, Ann... 6 MONTHS?! You're right- it has gone fast!

She's as cute as ever and I think you've come up with a fabulous solution to the toy problem- a playroom! Who needs a formal dining room anyway?!

waiting to bring our daughter home from INDIA (surprise!) after 21 months on the wait list for Taiwan.

PIPO said...

She's rockin' the Pebbles look like a cute.

The hat is adorable too.

Looking at your happy girl it is obvious that mamahood is agreeing with you very well!

David and Janalee said...

So Stinkin CUTE! Congrats on your first six months...time flys by, Maya just turned 3!!!! AAK!