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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

15 months old

Lessons from Daddy...
Proof to others that she really does cry,
Her new obsession...the phone!!!

Our little girl is growing up so fast. She doesn't even seem like a "baby" anymore. She just feels and looks like a little person to me.

At 15 months she is really asserting her independence. She already pitches fits. And yes I do let her cry. Sometimes I just have to ease her down to the ground, let her have her fit and walk away. Sometimes I find it pretty humorous. Other times..not so much.

Her teeth are growing in like weeds. She has 12 already with two more looking like they want to surface. She babbles and talks although we don't understand a lot of it. She has the Dad, Daddy, Da, DaDa down pact. She also has the dogs names down, and a few other words. But Mama, Ma, or Mom is seldom heard although she was saying it in Taiwan. She runs and climbs and falls, and is still full of laughter. She knows how to play hide and seek. And my favorite is when she runs away from me, arms up in the air screaming and laughing when I say "I'm gonna get your toes!!"

She still captures my heart every single moment of the day.


Debz said...

Wow! Lots happening in your little neck of the woods.
That's one 15 month old cutie!

It's so nice to see your happy family.

Tish said...

she's getting so big!!!! what a beauty she is!