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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back yard fun

Claire knows that Daddy is sleeping behind that window...Did I mention she's a Daddy's girl!!
See all those teeth...they're coming in droves...
This is as close as I could get to a "fall" picture....try not to notice that we have no grass...I won't mention to those northerners either that it's February and it was like 80 this day(last week)
I've been trying to figure out the manual modes on my camera..I thought this was a pretty pic.

Next week will mark 1 year since we rec'd that fateful call. You know that call, the one that dropped your stomach to your knees. That call that changed your life forever. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about that call. Saturday marks that day and lucky for us one of my BFs will be in town for her birthday and we're all hanging out. We'll get to introduce Claire to "Ed's oyster shack"(Her Dad has a whole set up in their back yard). Funny as it seems, hanging out at the oyster shack with our child is something we dreamed about. Don't laugh, we have simple dreams. Til then....


Tisra said...

Simple dreams are what truly make life, though, wouldn't you agree?

I'm so happy you're living that dream, Ann. :-)

And, we ALL remember that call! It was beautiful to share in that with you. Well, that referral call turned into a gorgeous DAUGHTER. And she is *gorgeous*.

waiting to travel for Dorothy in India

island girl said...

Can't wait for Claire to pull up a chair at the Oyster Shak!! We'll see you guys on Saturday!! Love you guys!

island girl said...
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Sarah k said...

Ann, wow, your post has made me remember your wait. How unfair us as your friends felt it was that we were home with our children and you still waiting. That was so hard to watch. I have to admit, when I got Jo's referral I felt guilty because you were still waiting to get to travel and it didn't seem fair. My heart broke for you several times, wanting and needing that call for you! I am so very glad that it came and that your precious smiley daughter is home with you!!! She is just the best blessing and I can't be happier to see pictures of her with you constantly, where she should be!!! I love you and am so glad that your dream finally found you! Like with us now.. almost 11 months waiting for Josiah, we have learned a deal of patience but when I get anxious I can remember friends that waited longer than I and somehow that helps a little to know that I have support from those that have BTDT!

Sarah k