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Sunday, March 29, 2009

What did we get out of school?....

Hmmmm....well after two whole days of daycare....
Claire learned how to pick her nose......and share it.....lovely I tell ya, lovely....and she doesn't just pick her nose now...she digs for the good stuff!!
And we also won, one sick little kiddo.
(See Mom I really do listen...notice the cold wet washcloth!!)After bragging on our little healthy Claire Bear, she has had an on again/off again fever since Friday....then we thought she was alls better so we may have pushed it a little too much today. Ooopsss... Now I'm seeing white to the pediatrician early Monday.
Even though our little angel is sick we must look at that silver lining....
  1. when she is sick....she doesn't want to run all day and will actually lay on the couch and cuddle
  2. and cuddle
  3. and cuddle.
Even though neither of us is getting any sleep, we do really relish the hugging and holding. I've said before that Claire is a Daddy's girl, but I've noticed now that she's sick....the bonding runs deep on both sides. And that's a good thing too...


island girl said...

awww...she is just too stinkin' cute!! glad to see the blanket i made her is being put to good use!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry she is sick, but little ones catch everything coming and going at daycare.
Hope she feels better too.
She is adorable..I can't get over how much she has grown since I looked at your blog last.
A garden is a great idea!
I want one, but we never get any rain in the summer hardly.