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Monday, March 23, 2009

Where's your belly?

So is that not the cutest flippin' picture....all you have to do is just ask "Where's your belly"...have camera ready...and got it(actually my friend got this shot for me)....But I just love it. She'll also lift up your shirt and attempt to give raspberries on your belly...complete with loads of spit and a lots of laughter.

Some changes....
  • Claire is growing growing growing, babbling and having conversations with herself...
  • She also has a temper to make her Momma proud...really love that she's independent and feisty although it does try my patience sometimes. I really thought we had a couple more months until the tantrums kicked in, but oh well.
  • She does push us, and we try to win, sometimes we do...sometimes not so much.
  • Working at night and taking care of Claire during the day has taken a bit of a toll on Jon...getting by on very little sleep just isn't working as well anymore especially since his job is working him way more hours then they're paying him for(but that's another story)..
  • we've decided on daycare...ummm I mean "school" twice a week.
  • Yes it makes me feel better to say "school" vs. daycare. Plus she is starting to relate to dogs more then putting the cheerios on the coffee table and then eating them off sans hands with only her mouth...yes humorous, but seriously I never thought we would repeat 15 times a day to our daughter..."Claire!! NO!! You are not a DOG!!"
  • Her face always lights up whenever we're around other kids...we've said it before, we think she misses other children, so we bit the bullet filled out 15 pages of paperwork(ummmm...yes really that many pages) and she starts "school" tomorrow.
  • On her orientation day, she wiggled to get out of Jon's hands and beelined to the other kids, kinda thought she could at least have taken a second look back, but not our Miss Independence
  • Then she snarked another kids snack....see picture above..
  • Still totally in awe that we have a little kiddo!!!

7 comments: Cassie) said...

she is so cute! I take it she is eating well...she is growing so fast.
She will love preschool and it will be good for her.
she will have a little boyfriend before you know it..

island girl said...

Call me later today and let me know how her first day of school went!

And I heart this photo of her...!

The Family K. said...

Great shot! There's nothing more precious than a 1 year-old Buddha belly.

PIPO said...


Could that picture be ANY cuter??? I think not.

Phil and Tamara said...

Such a little sweetie!!!

Judy said...

Wow, Ms. Claire is such a big girl! I enjoyed catching up on the beautiful pictures of Claire.

We are enjoying our new life in S'Pore. Kylie is learning Mandarin and we couldn't be prouder.

Hope all goes well with school. Looking forward to pics and updates.


Sarah said...

I LOVE this shot. This is the cutest thing I've seen all day!