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Friday, August 11, 2006

Guest poster....

Hi everyone! This is Ann's friend Jen. I am guest posting for Ann tonight because her computer crashed.

This is the part where we all say "awwww....."! Because Ann's world has just crashed along with her computer. It has only been 5hrs since her computer crashed and she is still whining on the phone to me about how she has no access to email and no access to her blogs. She has no clue what to do with herself now. I told her she should scrapbook....she just laughed at me!

So if you have emailed Ann recently don't be upset if she doesn't answer you back right away!!

Thanks for letting me guest post!!



Connie said...

Keep an eye on that girl. Withdrawal is a pretty serious situation ;0)

Thanks for letting us know!

Kristin said...

poor computer and poor Ann!

jeneflower said...

OH No! I hate when that happens! Any luck about getting it fixed? Thanks for blogging for her. What a good friend you are.

Lucia, Adam, Noah and Camille said...

Hi Jen,
Thanks for the update on Ann...hopefully all will be up and running soon. Isn't it funny how hooked we can become to this thing called to the did we live before it was invented?!
Tell Ann "konichiwa" from us in Okinawa!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the BIG crash!!! Wondering if your for hire, can you post on my blog and get my scappin' caught up. Damn it, I'm so far behind. Hugs Ann, hoping you get your puter up FAST.

Jan and Randy said...

Sorry to hear about your computer woes. Maybe it's God's way of telling you to stop looking at internet. (Just kidding) Hope you get it working soon.


malou said...

Yes, I totally agree, Jen you are a good friend to Ann. I would've been wonderin' why she has not updated her blog. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »