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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lesson #239: Don't ask!!!

So our agency as always promptly replied to my email last night. I should've just let myself live in my fantasy world where despite the trend of 9-12 months for a referral, we are very special and wouldn't have to wait that long. You see in my fantasy world our childs birthmother has dreamed of a mother for her child, she is Asian, or part Asian and her name is Ann. So the orphanage would search and search all the photoalbums until she found us. And this would happen very soon. And as everyone else has to wait 9-12 months, WE would receive our "call" somewhere around 7 months(my original fantasy was 4 months) Yes I said it was MY fantasy world. And it was very nice there. I liked it in my fantasy world. In my fantasy world I am happy. There are no let downs in my fantasy world. And in my fantasy world WE ARE SPECIAL!! So I'd like to know who gave our adoption agency the very HUGE knife that burst our bubble?
Their very nice reply:
"Hi Ann,
Yes, unfortunately it's too soon for news on your case. Currently families are waiting close to a year for the referral of a baby. Our most recent families to receive referrals waited 11.5 months to be chosen by a birth family.....
Thinking of you,


So with that in mind, if we go the 12 months, we will have to redo everything. We will have to get an update to our homestudy, redo fingerprints, and the dreaded I171H(immigration). So folks, I have my comfy shoes on, a pair of sweats, and a grungy ol' tshirt...I'm buckling down for a very LONG wait.


jeneflower said...

I know that email. It is horrible. I didn't think ours would ever take this long. Just keep living in your fantasy world girl- when month 8 comes call it month 7 and when month 9 comes call it month 7, etc. Eventually your fantasy will be realized and you will be special. You guys are ALWAYS special in my book.

Kelly said...

I am sorry about that email. It is never fun to hear news that you don't want to hear. Maybe it will still be a shorter wait for you though. I will think positive thoughts for you!!

Connie said...

Dam*, Oh well, the dream of 'Oh, how funny you wrote, your referral just came in' was good while it lasted.

Getting comfy and waiting with you ;0)

malou said...

Aw, Ann. I'm sorry about that email. I don't know how it is to wait a very long time for something that you want. I hope those months will go faster. Malou

shu-ichi said...

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Sandra said...

Hey Ann, sucks about the email. You're fantasy world is probably right next to mine. We can be neighbors! Hopefully it doesnt take that long for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Ann. Hoping that you will not have to wait the extra months as was stated in the email to you from the agency. I wish I could do something, I can... I'll be here for. I still wish there was more as you are an awesome person!! Keep your head up sweetie you are going to be an awesome mommy when you get that lil bundle of joy.

shu-ichi said...

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Have a good summer time!!

Lucia, Adam, Noah and Camille said...

You guys are special! Sorry about the e-mail and I am still hoping that you get that call sooner than the current timeline. The waiting is torture isn't it? I know that if Bonnie could she would move things along more quickly. I am sending positive thoughts to Cathwel right now. I had the same fantasy while we were waiting...hoping we would get that call at six months and I was so bummed when it didn't happen. But remember the part of the fantasy that is real is that you are a special couple and you will be matched with a special baby.