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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Just because.

That was then.......

This is now:
Just because I have nothing else to talk about. I am still amazed that this is the same puppy that we brought home. When we brought Sawyer(the puppy) home, Our Skylar(the boxer) was soooooooooo excited that she drooled like there was no tomorrow. We had to follow her with a rag to clean it up, seriously she's not normally like this. And it was odd, she would foam at the mouth she was so excited. And by the next day she wasn't drooling. But we often wonder if she'll be like that when we bring the baby home. So full of excitement that not only are we going to be dealing with being new parents, but then we'll have to follow her around with a rag to soak up the drool!!
Some people have asked us what we're going to do with our dogs when the baby gets home. Umm...seems like such an odd question to me. We aren't going to "do" anything with our dogs. They're gentle and good around children. Always have been. But there are some people that are worried that we'll have such big dogs around our baby. I just don't know what to tell them. I debate with them. I stand by our position. But it scares them. They tell me horrific stories about what they've seen in their lives. And I tell them horrific stories about other things. We'll watch them when we first get home to see how they're going to react. But they've been around babies no problem. The worst things we'll have to worry about is Skylar licking the baby to annoyance and Sawyer...well he's so mellow, we don't worry. I've always had a dog and there will always be dogs in our home. And if we feel it's going to be a problem then , we'll just have to section off the house, one side for baby, one side for the puppies. It's simple!!!


Anonymous said...

For those worried, don't. Those dogs have been brought up around 3 nephews that have tried to ride, pull, drag, pester and whatever else 3 young boys can do and the worst reaction from them was to go off and hide. Theres plenty of room and love in that house for pets and children.

Grandpa to be (again)

Anonymous said...

I've always had dogs and always will. When our first was born, we had the most mellow golden retriever. Our little one crawled all over that dog. Now we have 2 very hyper labradoodles. They are now outdoor dogs but I try to get the kids and them together as much as weather permits. So my advice, dont worry about the what others say. You know your dogs and your child will love being around the dogs. Everything will be fine! And dont worry about wet puppy kisses either. My oldest loves it when the dogs kiss him. THe other two are not too crazy about slobber but I figure they will adjust eventually.


PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

~() ()
~('o') ~*HAPPY EASTER*~
Sweet puppy.

jeneflower said...

We don't have any dogs, but I know plenty of people who have dogs and babies in the same house. They seem to do fine.

This sounds weird but- personally I think dogs are hard to take care of- so if you are good with that I think you will be great with the demands of a baby. I always admire dog owners.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Stick to your guns! This is coming from someone who had 48 stitches at age 5. We always had big dogs at home and it wasn't one of ours that bit me.

C.J. said...

I suspect those with concerns are not very accustomed to dogs.

It wouldn't even have crossed my mind to ask the question. Of course the dogs with cohab with baby :0)

Sweet pics.

Jodi said...

I too have a boxer, and he's also great with kids! I agree it's an odd question...they are your first babies! What else would you do? I know that you and your dogs will be fine with the new addition to your family.

Cavatica said...

I get it. Dogs can be so great around babies. And if they aren't you'll deal with it!

Glad you found my blog. May I link to yours? BTW, I spent a month in Taiwan in 1984.

Monica said...

Your child will be FORTUNATE to have two furry friends ready and waiting! I think dogs are practically ESSENTIAL for a child's emotional health! (-: