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Saturday, October 11, 2008

1ST week back at work

I've survived my first week back at work. Does is suck to have to go back to work? Well...of course. But it is tempered by the fact that she is in good hands....her Daddy's. It's tough on us, Jon the most, but we survived. It is so sweet to come home and see her big smile when I walk through the door. I will say that the weasel(Jon) is getting her on his schedule...sleeping later and up later...but we're all working on that one!!! We've noticed a few changes. Our angel who was too big to be rocked to sleep before is now wanting to be rocked again. Which of course I love. But it is a reminder of all the changes that she's endured in her little life.
For some reason Claire loves the weather. When we have the news on she never pays attention, until that is the weather comes on. She will stop what she is doing and focus totally on the weather. When the weather is over, she will go back to what she was doing. So cute. She did it at my parents house too.
And seriously....yes that is my living room. Notice our dog is in the corner b/c there is no space on the floor. Poor thing. We had to put a video in, just so we could clean up. I have had to let go of my guilt about putting her in front of a video, b/c I can't get anything done unless I pop in that baby einstein video and clean or cook as fast as I can. The video gives us 30 minutes. I tried really hard not to do it. But I couldn't even get dinner I allow myself to "use" the video for cooking. That way she's not screaming while Jon is trying to get precious sleep before going to I sound like I feel guilty. Okay, so I'm still working on that guilt thing.
And just because I love her little smirk...

p.s. we really don't have her in front of the TV much, even though these pictures make it look that way. There it goes again...guilt.


Sarah k said...

OK.. those are just the sweetest pictures Ann! She is getting so big. You should stop by and see Jo and Jer. Been a while since I have seen you around the
I know it has to be heart breaking to go back to work, but at the same time
this will help Jon and Claire's relationship! You are in my thoughts hon!

On our end. After a lot of problems, Jo has been moved to a new foster home. Please keep praying for our chubbykins!

Sarah k

Andrea said...

All I can say is I plead the fifth when it comes to my kids and tv, really.
Don't feel guilty about it. It's baby einstein and I do seriously think those shows are good for kids. Miranda learned signs from watching them which has helped since she doesn't speak yet.
Claire is so cute. I know work probably stinks but it is great daddy and Claire will have special time too :)

Anonymous said...

Ann, let go of the guilt!!!

Maybe she is a budding meterologist!!! That is just too funny that she is already a weather buff. (Or, no, maybe she will grow up to be one of those storm chasers who see just how close they can get to the tornadoes without actually getting sucked up into them!)


The Family K. said...

So funny about her weather fixation. I expect to see her on the local evening news 25 years from now.

Don't beat yourself up over the video thing. It's just as important that your family gets fed and that you are in a state of mind to deal patiently and calmly with everyone. I know on in our household, the other outcome is often more dangerous than our boys watchng a t.v. show or a video.

Anonymous said...

You gotta go read this blog...Guilt must be going around.

Claire is adorable. Glad your 1st week back went well. Sorry the dog has no place to sleep. Has he tried your bed?????


Annie said...

SHe is so cute. It's too funny that she loves watching the weather. She looks so intent.

PIPO said...

Love the pictures of your weather junkie :0) guilt, mama. Your Claire is in great hands. Then again, check in with me in a number of months and I'll be freaking out with guilt I suspect. We ARE wired that way. Gotta work on that.

Judy said...

I see a budding meteorologist in your future:-) You'll be feeling pretty guilty about alot of things. Try not to sweat the small stuff. I tried at first not to let Kylie watch too much TV. Now I see how much she is able to absorb, so of course I try to get her to watch educational stuff as much as possible. Claire looks beautiful!

Lisa said...

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!
Guilt just seems to be part of being a Mama! :) LOL...but trust me, there will be more to worry about than T.V. as time goes by!
Relish these sweet baby days...I know you are!
:) Lisa C.
a lurker, who wanted to say hello!

Tish said...

the dog in the corner....too funny...poor little thing.

i have the same guilt as you about the videos! and i cannot get anything done! matthew will not play alone to save his life, which makes it so difficult to accomplish any tasks at all. i don;t know what i feel guilty for...i watched tv growing up and i'm not addicted to it or anything.

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

Guilt was my middle name on so many things... now I realize, we do things our own way & march to a different drum! Your family is such a beautiful unique unit... one minute of bargained time to conform to needs of food & laundry are not going to do anything other than sanitation & refuelage for more play time. You're all good chica!

Best wishes on going back to work & congrats on working out all these routines with your little one... I'm a bit nervous about all that... I just know chaos will be my middle name (forget the guilt... I won't have time!)

=0) Sara

Shannon said...

The weather pic is hilarious! Don't worry about the tv guilt. My kids are all doing fine after 30-hour a day as they grew up! It sounds like your schedules are working well!

Thank you for sharing the 'real' day-in-the-life of your family. I know it helped me and others!