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Monday, October 27, 2008

292 PICTURES: part 1a

Blogger messed up order of the pictures, but who cares. Lovin' my...I mean our new camera. I still don't really know how to use it, but oh well..
Love this picture of Claire going up to our front step.
Readoption day. Not the best picture, but I love how cClaire is pulling on Jon's tie.

For the past several months the conversations have been like this:
Clarie: Dada
Me: say Mama, Claire MaaaaMMMMMAAAA
Claire: BA!!
Me: MA
Clarie: BA!! BABA!
that's pretty much how it goes. But she's smart this little one. The other day I was reprimanding her for throwing her food on the floor:
Me: Now Claire, Mommy's not going to let you feed yourself if you're just going to throw your food on the floor....we don't throw our food on the floor...
Clarie: MA!!
ME: ohhhhhh, Claire it's okay if you throw food on the floor, just as long as you say MA, while you're doing it!!

more pictures to come: swings, yards, cousins, and pumpkins..oh my....just some of the 292 pictures we took!


(Cassie) said...

She has grown so much already! And pretty as a peach!
I love the adoption picture of her pulling on her daddys tie!
she will say mama soon enough, as a matter of fact so much you will learn to tune them out..
Take care...
xox, cass

island girl said...

yay for taking 292 pictures with your new kick butt camera!! woo-hoo!

The Family K. said...

Congratulations on Claire's re-adoption. What a cutiepie!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

LOL! I KNOW that must have made you feel like a MILLION bucks! I can't wait for the day myself!! Congrats! The pics are wonderful! Keep them coming!!!

Noah's mama

Annie said...

Yeah for pictures! I can't believe Claire is WALKING. She's such a cutie.

shelley said...

She gets more beautiful everytime we see her. Great job with the walking...she is so smart.

PIPO said...

Awww..that mama kissy picture is just beautiful.