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Monday, October 20, 2008


Okay, so have we not learned our lesson about this JON?
For those that don't know the story, click on the word lesson above....then you'll understand why this picture so didn't thrill me!!!

Yes I am one of those. You know...the ones who swear when they get home with their child they will continue to blog on a regular basis, but then don't. Yes that's me. I don't know how people do it. By the time I get Clarie to sleep at nine I'm in bed to enjoy TV for one hour, the off to sleepytown.

So a quick update
  1. Claire is walking...very well...has been since around 10 1/2 months
  2. Claire NEVER stops
  3. Claire NEVER stops
  4. Does that make her officially a toddler...seriously I'm not claiming her as a toddler until her first Birthday so there!!
  5. We did get a new camera, so once we download the software and the 100 pictures we've taken in the past one whole day, we will be able to load new better pictures(hopefully this week)
  6. Today was READOPTION DAY!!!! YaY. She is officially Claire Jocelyn. Makes my heart all sorts of happy
  7. Had our first family pictures today too. She takes great pictures. Mommy....not so much. Nothing like professional photos blown up the size of half a wall to remind you that it's not the angle of the picture, but that 6 years of stress and unhappy eating really have caused you to gain some weight. Really?
  8. So Diet starts tomorrow, b/c now I have no excuse. I'm happy.
  9. Conversation in the car after Claire's readoption: Jon "I really wish you'd stop telling people that we aren't going to do this(adoption) again"......"because you don't know...just tell them we haven't never know...."
  10. So I guess.....YOU NEVER KNOW!!!


Sarah k said...

Ok.. Jon in tree not good!

Claire walking.. VERY good! Go little legs~! and You don't have to claim her as a toddler officially until she is a year. I SAY SO! lol... like that means jack. Happy readoption day!!! That is oodles of wonderful Anne.
And Jon.. that is wisdom talking.. take it from a chick that asked for a girl and took a boy anyways with ANY THING CAN HAPPEN! YOU NEVER KNOW!

Oh and please pray for Jo, he is in the hospital and we are having issues with other adoption related stuff!

Sarah k.

The Family K. said...

Wowee! Early walker! Sounds like she's going to make sure everyone in the house is exercising regularly.

Congratulations on the readoption!

Tisra said...

Oho I can't wait to see the new fancy pictures with the new camera!

And... you *never know*. We were a family that was going to just have 2 kids. Changed our minds and had our daughter. Changed our minds again and are now adopting. Four kids- oh my goodness! God is gracious and is giving us the patience for this... in fact, He started this whole thing by changing our hearts.


almost waiting 18 months on the FEC list

TaiwanMommy said...

You're SO going back!!!

Send me the pics first and I'll fix em. I'm THE PAINT SHOP PRO!! bwahahahah

Love you, Annie Bananie!!

Auntie Val

Anonymous said...

Well...I'm wishing you more happy adoptions after you get a little ways past Claire's current stage of NEVER STOPS!!!

And I REMEMBER reading that post about your husband's fall...back when you originally wrote it. I don't blame you one little bit for not being thrilled that he is back to perching in trees again.

dalli said...

and if she is anything like chloe & emmi (which she is!) she WON'T EVER stop!! buckle up for a continuous ride :0) can't tell you how awesome it is to read your writings about YOUR daughter!!


PIPO said...

Jon - Tree...hmmmm. I hear ya.

Anonymous said...

Crazy Jon. He has a little one to think of now. GET DOWN FROM THE TREE! it again. You'll be so happy you did. Or don't. You'll still be happy because of l'il Claire. You'll know what's right for you.


Tish said...

funny post! glad to see you all are doing well!

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

How cute... the update about Claire... not the tree thing. Claire nevers stops going... he he I totally understand... did you invest in the makers of caffine yet?


Now, we get to Jon! Get your booty down from that tree! Okay, so you're not getting down... go buy a motorcycle helmet & pads, lots of pads... now. I'm waiting. Okay, I understand the whole, it's my release etc.... my hubby loves motorcycles.... but someone else said, "Do it for Claire." they're right. Hubby is waiting a bit until he's buys his 4th motorcycle (all others are gone). Why? Not for me, not because he doesn't want one, but because he doesn't want to leave his kids. Sorry for sniping at your hubby Ann... I just have one too, and I know what's he's thinking. Maybe we can wrap Jon in bubble wrap. =0) Sara

Judy said...

Happy re-adoption day! Also, it took Sean and I 1 yr to decide if we were going to go thru the adoption process again. Regarding blogging regularly, welcome to parenthood. After 2 yrs of having Kylie home I can blog again as frequent as I'd like. Hang in there. It was great reading an update on your blog. Take care.