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Saturday, April 01, 2006

32 Reflections for 32 years...

32 YeARs!!! Happy Birthday to Me!!
  1. I have earned my 32 years
  2. I have learned to love me...faults and all
  3. Everything happens as it is supposed to
  4. I cannot control everything..although I try
  5. I am often wrong(don't tell Jon)
  6. I am more often right(had to put that)
  7. I am totally in love with my husband
  8. Marriage is hard
  9. But marriage is soooo worth it
  10. My family comes above all else
  11. Sacrifice...for anything you truly want
  12. I don't have patience..although I seek it
  13. I am a true worrier
  14. My heart is softer than I show others
  15. I am truly shy although others don't see it
  16. I used to be afraid of my own voice
  17. I often speak before thinking
  18. I honestly believe in my abilities in life
  19. I fight for what I believe in
  20. I truly believe in God and his hand in my life everyday
  21. I love that I work with children everyday
  22. I have made mistakes
  23. I am very hard on me
  24. I am learning to compromise
  25. I am learning to slow down
  26. I hate to shop
  27. I love my dogs
  28. I don't lie about my age...I embrace it
  29. I thought I would have children by now
  30. I know I'll be a great parent
  31. The next year will change my life
  32. In the next year I WILL become a MOMMY!!!


island girl said...

i love your list!! that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ann!! It's Michelle across the street from Jen. Glad to hear all is going great for you. Happy belated B-day too. You're going to have to come down again soon so we can all scrap together.

Michelle W. said...

happy belated birthday! Love the list!


amazing grace said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! So exciting that next year you will be a MOMMY!!!


Thanks for letting me know about Jen's sweet comment on her blog....
very sweet!!!

Tammy said...

Oh my gosh, we sound so alike. Most of those are very true about me...especially the hating to shop :)and my list would have to be longer by 5...almost 6. Happy belated birthday!