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Friday, April 21, 2006

live with intention

Jon says I don't have any good pictures of him on our blog. So here is a layout I did of us right before our first helicopter ride. He looks like a man's man here, right? Notice the little yellow thing around our waists. This was our parachute or something that was supposed to help if the helicopter went down. Do you see how little it was, I'm not too convinced it would've helped.


island girl said...

lmao...oh yhea, jon is the manliest man i he still drinking those starbucks java chip frapps? lol!!

i'm sure those little packs would have helped a little!!

Anonymous said...

Digg'n your LO Ann. I like how you twisted that pic. Wonderful girl!! You'll just have to tell Jon now that all the women think he's hot since you've posted a "good" pic that he wanted. LOL! Take care girl and keep the LO's coming.

Anonymous said...
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