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Monday, July 17, 2006

It's a Birthday Party!!!

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We had the badmitten net set up for the kids...
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The Grill for the big kids (this was before EVERYONE showed up)
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And The Cake for the BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!

Say Hello to Jon's Grandmother!!!

On Saturday, we celebrated her 80th Birthday at our house. We had a ton of people at our house,along with a ton of good food and good times. It seemed that everyone had a great time. We sang Happy Birthday to her and she got to blow out her candles....we had a big "8" and a big "0"candle...we did NOT make her blow out 80 candle...geesh. After the cake she was so happy, on the verge of tears and then she tells me that this was her VERY FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY....EVER!!!!! Awww, almost made me cry. I am so happy that we were able to throw her
her very first birthday party. She hung out til dark and I think overall had a really good day with her family and my family all around her. Can you believe that at 80 she still works.
Go Grandma...It's your Birthday!!!


Connie said...

Too cool! There is nothing quite like making someone's day. Happy Birthday to her!

Mommy-To-Channing said...

ahhh, it almost made me cry too!!
Looks like you a great time and I hope I look that great when I'm 80 (if I make it)!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Ann, I knew I called you that for a reason. It's wonderful that you and Jon were able to throw her the first birthday party that she's ever had. You two are wonderful people. Have belated grandma!!

kiwintaiwan said...

Looks like us at home in NZ made me alittle homesick. Looked like a great day

malou said...

She is such a charming lady even if I don't know her. Happy belated birthday to her.